Cool Vancouver BC images

A few nice Vancouver BC images I found:

Vancouver Punks
Vancouver BC
Image by ·júbilo·haku·
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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Monk holds a blessed torma in the sunlight, Longhouse Lawn, after the empowerment, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Lotus Speech Canada
Vancouver BC
Image by Wonderlane
Rangjung Pemai Nyingthig torma is a representation of the main deity himself, equivalent to a buddha image, symbolising the deity’s form. The upper torma shape, with the lotus petals, is placed upon the central "rin chen zur brgyad", the "8 facetted jewel", which symbolises the deity’s heart, and the eight surrounding directions of the mandala. Note that the heart cakra similarly has 8 spokes. Tormas for the Guru/Lama are often designed like this, and may be referred to as the "rin chen zur brgyad".

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  1. jvcluis says:

    Jaja, esos punks se ven rete-malos