A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Vancouver Canada
Image by ecstaticist
I took this just as the new Convention Centre was opening.

The Commune Café
Vancouver Canada
Image by vancityhotshots
Outdoor Dining. On my walk with Sophie and I couldn’t resist an iPhone shot! It looks so inviting! Too early for the trendy Yaletown set to start filling it on this beautiful late Summer West Coast evening. I <3 VanCity

Yaletown | Vancouver | Canada

Vancouver General Hospital remembers 100 years: Tag day, 1921
Vancouver Canada
Image by Vancouver Coastal Health
Mrs T.R. Poulton tags Dr G.F. Strong. Members of the Women’s Auxiliary worked their magic to fund operating room equipment, the diet kitchen, the children’s ward, the maternity ward and several private rooms. They started a library and purchased wheelchairs and stretchers.

One of the ways the members of the Women’s Auxiliary raised money was through the annual tag days, where would stand boldly on street corners, stop cars and visit saloons and tagged everybody for a donation.

In 2007, VGH celebrated 100 years of serving the people of BC. To mark this milestone Vancouver Coastal Health gathered together a variety of photos documenting the beginnings of hospital-based health care in Vancouver. This photo is a sample from that collection.

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    Looks great!

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    Oooh! I ate there for lunch one time. They have an eggplant schnitzel sandwich that’s absolutely delectable! Mmmm~!

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    Appealing composition!