Compilation of Canada’s Reactions to Hockey Gold Part 2 of 2 (Victory & Anthem)

Relive one of our nation’s proudest moments, captured in this compilation of reactions from the Gold Medal hockey game in Vancouver – the most watched television event in Canadian history. With only 24 seconds left to go in the 3rd period, USA scored a tie, forcing the game into overtime….

15 Responses to “Compilation of Canada’s Reactions to Hockey Gold Part 2 of 2 (Victory & Anthem)”

  1. robbob100 says:

    I don’t think there wasn’t a TV showing this game !!!
    The American’s have their “WORLD” championship teams in? the NFL, MLB and the NBA……. BUT CANADA TRULY ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS BABY !!!!

  2. mrjasperiffics says:

    I enjoy every second of it. 🙂 Go? CANADA go!

  3. superdude364 says:

    o okay now? i get it. yh i know tht. but u know, just in case they re from india or either born here but chose to continue their culture, but still, they cheered on for canada at the glorious moment

  4. pewpewatme says:

    To add, just because someone is a Permanent Resident of Canada, it should not automatically imply that s/he recently moved there. There are many who opt to remain as? Permanent Residents even when they are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

  5. pewpewatme says:

    I didn’t mean that. Since Canada is multicultural, it is possible that they are Canadians by birth, who chose to carry? on cultural/family traditions. Or, they acquired Canadian citizenship through any of the different means that were available to them. As you mentioned, they might as well be Permanent Residents who recently immigrated to Canada. Since there are multiple variables in this case, it wouldn’t be wise to stereotype someone based on their looks.

  6. ro bin says:

    ca ont le comprend que trop bien hĂ©las,mais alors pourquoi le QuĂ©bec devrait-il se prĂ©occuppĂ© du canada dans ce cas?Et dans le monde ca arrive souvent aussi qu’il y ai des nouveaux pays aussi.Je croit de moins en moins a ce canada unis,ce qu’il veut c’est un quĂ©bec soumis et qui se la ferme? pour que l’autre nation fasse ce qu’elle veut de la maniere qu’elle veut et quand elle le veut.C’est le probleme d’avoir deux nations sous le meme drapeau…ca fait de la merde et personne est content.

  7. CanadianLegionaire says:

    ok, tu comprend pas, le Canada ne se dĂ©roule pas autour du QuĂ©bec alor pourquoi est ce que le Canada representerait le quĂ©bec, pour reduir un peut se? dĂ©bat un peut inutile ma simplĂ©ment dire que l’indĂ©pendence ne mĂ©nera a rien, le quĂ©bec est bien ou il, si vous penser que le quĂ©bec est le seul qui souffre sa, bein tes dans le champ mon gars parceque des chose comme sa arrive partout dans le monde est oui le quĂ©bec a Ă©tĂ© refuser bien des chose mes il en a eu beaucoup aussi.

  8. pewpewatme says:

    You do realize Canada is multicultural, right? So, one? does not equate to the other in this case.

  9. Safeco1999 says:

    To all the stupid Canucks fans – it was ROBERTO LUONGO in net making the? big saves helping the team win the Gold!! Appreciation is lacking.

  10. gotshotdown says:

    Love the cop at? 4:24. walking along telling himself “be proffessional, be proffessional. Hold it in.” lololololol

  11. Brad james says:

    sht up and go back to? the kitchen

  12. superdude364 says:


  13. superdude364 says:

    0:34 indian guys. maybe they re not candian, but they still? show love to canada cuz u cant fake tht kind of hapiness 🙂 welcome to canada

  14. superdude364 says:


  15. ro bin says:

    ta raison sur la majoritĂ©,sauf que c’est toujours le QuĂ©bec qui perd ses choix,parce que la majoritĂ© gagne toujours.Alors quelle solution reste t-il? Soit plus de pouvoir pour le QuĂ©bec ,soit l’indĂ©pendance.Sinon ce pays ne nous reprĂ©sentera jamais,ni nos valeurs ,ni notre facon de pensĂ©e.C’est beaucoup la raison pourquoi en? ne s’entend pas et pourquoi ont chialent.Imagine les anglais subir la meme chose?comment rĂ©agirai-t-ils?Ils chialeraient eux aussi non?