Church of Scientology

Some cool Vancouver British Columbia images:

Church of Scientology
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by HKmPUA
Church of Scientology
Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Lomo LCA
Fujichrome Velvia 50 cross processed

British Columbia Parliament Building at Night 2
Vancouver British Columbia
Image by jfew

2 Responses to “Church of Scientology”

  1. Paul to the K says:

    Haha, how much did they charge you for that picture?

  2. rosesnsunshine444 says:

    [] Haha

    Has anyone heard this rumor that on December 12, 2012 the truth of life was revealed to the world? What people thought was the date of the end of the world was actually the start of a heaven on earth. This information was written (for now) by L. Ron Hubbard under the pen name Michael Smith.

    It is called The Present and is free on something called the Truth contest. Google it and check it out, it makes sense. He did not reveal it in his lifetime because he knew the time had to be right. The planets had to line up etc.