Christmas Lights 2009, 1400000 Dancing Lights, Vancouver Canada

Vancouver VanDusen Garden Festival of Lights 2009, 4:30 to 9 pm every evening except Christmas Day (December 25) when the Garden is closed. A magical experience for the whole family with 1.4 million twinkling lights. Highlights include the Dancing Lights on Livingstone (watch a video on the lights dance to seasonal music), Gingerbread Wood and Candy Cane Lane. Evenings prior to Christmas also feature Community Choirs on the Deck and Santa in his Living Room. Our Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes, Svend and Jens, are sure to bring a smile to you face with their antics. They can be found lurking in the Centre Court and hanging out in Santas Living Room. Up in the Heather Garden, be sure to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation by lighting a candle at the Candle Shrine. Avoid the line-ups and purchase advance tickets at the Garden starting November 1st or call Tickets Tonight at 604.684-2787 to order by phone. In the case of heavy snow storms or other extraordinary weather conditions: call the Garden Shop 604-257-8665 to confirm that FOL has not been closed for that one evening
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Some old 1996 & 1998 footage from the classic wooden roller coaster at PNE in Vancouver! – http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Christmas Lights 2009, 1400000 Dancing Lights, Vancouver Canada”

  1. cfhdream says:

    The Puddle of? Water Made This Light Show Much Better!! Beautiful!! <3

  2. TheKrysee says:

    Might have been better if you didn’t toaster unnecessary text across the main attraction. Also, if these guys call themselves professionals, they’re? really being outdone by amateurs ……….. oh wait, they’re Canadian. In that case, awesome job.

  3. shiskabobilitious says:

    canadians celebrate? christmas?

  4. MrJackonRocks says:


  5. hakkaikakashitsugaya says:

    breath? taking show!

  6. Ergil89 says:


  7. 2blackmoor says:

    u counted EVERY bulb??

  8. anne123480 says:

    lol wouldnt like to pay the eletric bill but thise is awsome really magical ? Merry Xmas

  9. ritahalsey says:

    keep the good work? up.

  10. 1414WJR says:

    that’s insane

  11. rossetti1313 says:

    Thats? my electric bill for 5 years.

  12. NutKinz13 says:

    Terrific! ^.^ Very fun. :3?

  13. Andreea Maxinianu says:

    i have been on? that and my friend almost fell off

  14. hellomang100 says:

    the ride is called Coaster not roller coaster?

  15. hellomang100 says:

    they renovated it a few years? ago, now its faster 😀

  16. hellomang100 says:

    the unload is almost instant, they release the? bars when the cars come in and you just run out

  17. hellomang100 says:

    its just “Coaster” not roller coaster, but? doesn’t matter. you like the FINALLY fast chain lift?

  18. GarrettGrrt says:

    Their no-nonsense, ‘smart-ass-ness’ is precisely why I love them.?

  19. brookandemmy says:

    hahaahahah xDD?

  20. zozey1231 says:

    Whoa, you guys have been to the PNE?? I didn’t know that!

    The? Coaster is my favourite ride around here. 😀

  21. aznboykicks says:

    Does Anyone care? No. ?

  22. aznboykicks says:

    That was? my first and last roller coaster. I did it for a Physics class. Are you going to come back to PNE or Vancouver?

  23. lAMNOTGOOMBA says:

    Ahh, the classic? VCR glow around everything.

  24. flashback0978 says:

    Oh yes yet another elusive credit I keep meaning to get?

  25. coasterdreams says:

    The coaster runs replica Prior & Church trains. The last remaining Prior & Church trains? run on Coaster Thrill Ride at the Puyallup Fair.

  26. KevinBujold says:

    This ride is awesome. It’s up with Boulderdash and El Toro as one of my favorite wooden coasters ever. I can’t wait til? TPR does a trip here so more people can experience this awesome coaster.

  27. DarkMeasures says:

    This is a comment cause? I like crap.

  28. BigDipper80RCT says:

    I wish I could have gotten a ride on this? when I was in Vancouver a few years ago, but I only had a few hours in the city as it was.

  29. flashback0978 says:

    The only dispatch times I have seen at a park that? comes even close to being this fast is the Santa Cruz Giant Dipper

  30. flashback0978 says:

    Is the the only Roller Coaster? left that still utilizes those trains ? Are those actually vintage Prior and Church trains or do they just look similar?

  31. dodgyhingst says:

    Wood is good.?

  32. krathkacalle says:

    @TPR And been at Six Flags Great Adventure last June and the CM were veeeeeery slow. The Green Lantern is suposed to have 3 trains running without stopping at final brakes brakes, running all 3 always. Is the new coaster for 2011 for the? park. When I was there, only 2 trains were running and the trains often stopped at the final brakes, so load/unload time was of about 1 to 2 minutes. what a shame.

    I think Cedar Point is best dispatching trains. Rarely were trains stopped at brakes, not like SF

  33. uzi1951 says:

    smart ass? replies=unsubscribe

  34. torontojosh says:

    Love it…what camera did you film with? back in the day Robb?

  35. ATherapySession says:

    Oh? the memories….