Chickenfoot Live!-Highway Star-Vancouver May 15/09

Chickenfoot- Commodore Ballroom- Vancouver BC May 15/09. 2nd stop of the Road Test tour. 1000 people capacity. Watch it in HQ!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Chickenfoot Live!-Highway Star-Vancouver May 15/09”

  1. robertroyfellows says:

    One of the most respected,? and respectful, guitarists of all time. That is all.

  2. luv24real says:

    Sometimes Chickenfoot covers The Who as well, which is also? cool.

  3. luv24real says:

    I like how Chickenfoot pays tribute to the best in classic rock with their choces of covers, and reminds the world to not forget the awesomeness of Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Montrose!?

  4. TheFunkycrisp says:

    I love this music i wish more bands would take a note from these guys and help keep this? sound around forever

  5. Apirpil says:

    deep purple THE BEST? !!!!!

  6. carl13220 says:

    I’ve just watched few “Burn” covers ( Yngwie, Dream Theater, and now Chickenfoot ).? Satriani is the best : stellar solo very respectful of the original .

  7. DANNEGREANU1 says:

    Joe is a text book guitar player – Very precise, Eddie is just all over. Which isn’t? bad. Just sayin’.

  8. irphan213 says:

    Satriani is? extremely very talented guitarist but still he will never touch Ritchie Blackmore….it’s just my opinion.

  9. stratorarious says:

    too great for? words

  10. stratorarious says:

    too great for words?

  11. bruntzy66 says:

    haha great to see micheal anthony gettin off on joes? solo!!

  12. Mark Gowans says:

    I actually think that he is? better in Purple than Morse is but I dont think he’d have stuck around for as long as Morse has in the band.

  13. lemmywinks0600 says:

    will ferrell on drums!? he’s a beast.

  14. bskusa20 says:

    Edde? can’t touch Joe,? period.
    you don’t have a clue…..period!!!

  15. bskusa20 says:

    Edde can’t touch Joe,? period.
    you? don’t have a clue…..priod!!!

  16. MidnightPolak says:

    The cool thing here is, Satch actually was Deep Purple’s guitarist? for a while! Sweet video!