Chad Brownlee – Smoke in the Rain – OFFICIAL (HD)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Chad Brownlee – Smoke in the Rain – OFFICIAL (HD)”

  1. thelovedoc568 says:

    just saw him in peterborough he is a damn? good singer

  2. Devin Musey says:

    Best song ever… Sometimes I dream about ”Cheese”?

  3. jocelyne williams says:

    I? had an uncle comit suiside because of a broken heart and this song hits home everytime R.I.P. my freind miss u always !!!.

  4. SupernaturalLover67 says:

    so good, I love this? song! it’s almost like a rock/country mix, friggin awesome

  5. Sharon M Blondin says:

    wow I love this, so not sounding like the same old country song, Im all trucked and beer slamming out.. this? one is so fresh..
    great job buddie.. hold the ball!!! run with it!

  6. A7X0996 says:

    Sadly, this song represents me? and my dad….

  7. TheDazzler351 says:

    Heard this? yesterday and thought it was Gary Allen ,… another albumn for me to purchase 🙂

  8. soccerk1330 says:

    pretty much describes what i just went through. this song got me through it?

  9. mileycyrusad901 says:

    a.k.a, im sick of waitng for u, so i goona the hell? out of here before you hurt me more1 You’re going to miss me!

  10. goofyexponent says:

    I heard that son! ? Grab your boots, fishing rod and truck keys and get gone!

  11. 55rebo says:

    best? song ever !

  12. TheCountryboy1416 says:


  13. TheCountryboy1416 says:

    You never? realize how much you have till its gone.

  14. flithyhoes says:

    awsome? song

  15. mrshaneso6 says:

    He mighta still? had his pride…but it’s been 3 months and I am still suffering.

  16. duckhunter17 says:

    I don’t know if your being serious, but in case you are, I think the douche is? trying to be a funny man by misspelling queer.

  17. IGetHighWithYourMom says:

    Go Canucks Go!?

  18. rice2807 says:

    i would like? to hear this song, but everytime i trie i get no sound

  19. bgggbb says:

    What’s? a Kaweer?

  20. Dakota80979 says:


  21. OoComatoseo0 says:

    As least you put in my opinion? and didn’t act like a douche. 🙂

  22. bgggbb says:

    A friend sent me here. This song sucks in my? opinion.