Cesta Skytrainem – Vancouver, Canada 2012-07-08

made by Radka 😉
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Twitter (www.twitter.com Facebook (facebook.com The Book – (AmericabutBetter.com) Written and Directed by Chris Cannon (cannonwriter.com). Performed & Edited by Brian M Calvert (brianMcalvert.com). Living room graciously provided by Canada Party supporters Jim & Jenny Bryan. Closing graphic by Oleg Solo. Special thanks to Zulu Records, Vancouver, BC. (zulurecords.com)

21 Responses to “Cesta Skytrainem – Vancouver, Canada 2012-07-08”

  1. Yusra1001 says:

    Nothing is? worth moving to usa

  2. ioset2324 says:


  3. fallout3fan623 says:

    I’d move to u.s.a. and vote for canada.
    … never mind? it’s not worth it to go to u.s.

  4. Yusra1001 says:


  5. RicAdbur says:

    Well? I’m sold.

  6. amtojtojboy says:


  7. assaultmonsterr says:


  8. Sontenia says:

    We were born WITH? America! Does that count for anything?

  9. maizeandblueheart says:

    I think Obama is the best canidate, except for the Canada party, but they’re all going to f*** up America somehow. Ron Paul is just a bit too crazy, i’ll take Obama if he can start kicking serious? ass his next term.

  10. limes4cash says:

    You? just been Canada’d.

  11. mountiansnoceans says:

    I watched this on facebook but? clicked the link to see what all the americans would say

  12. WarpedMindFilm says:

    What has he done? He kept Gitmo open. He followed the? GWB Iraq timeline his healthcare plan is going to be thankfully repealed next year. His Justice dept deliberately allowed straw buyers to get firearms to bring to Mexico(Probably so he could attack the 2nd Ammendment.). He is worthless as his opponents on the other side.

  13. WarpedMindFilm says:

    He had two years of a Democrat Controlled Congress and did nothing. He proved that he is just as worthless as his Republican opponents. Neither party is honestly about solving problems. if they solved? problems we wouldn’t need them.

  14. embee87 says:

    “usa is doomed” – pretty sure that’s old news to? the entire world…except those who actually live in the USA. They haven’t seemed to clue in yet.

  15. embee87 says:

    I? couldn’t disagree more. And he did in fact mention our Prime Minister, in the unfavourable light he so deserves.

  16. embee87 says:

    And isn’t it? a shame? I wish there were more of us around

  17. embee87 says:

    Thanks,? we will!

  18. embee87 says:

    What?! lol Wow. Some people just go through life with? their eyes shut so tight.

  19. embee87 says:

    Not everyone? hates him. Only the intelligient Canadians.

  20. deekaygee33 says:

    YOU GUYS? AREN’T letting him make the change

  21. Lautreamont053 says:

    Im Canadian moderate lib deeply desillusioned by? both Canadian and USA Governement