Celebrity Cruise Lines – Life as a Crew Member (aka Slave)

celebrity cruise lines, infinity in alaska 2008

The Royal Caribbean’s gigantic cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas, is a technical wonder of modern times and also the largest ocean-going cruise ship in the world, a floating hotel that accommodates 5000 passengers. The pulsating heart of the ship is the 120 metre long Royal Promenade, a replica of London’s Burlington Arcade, which boasts a splendid variety of shops and on decks 11 and 12, the popular Fitness Centre is the largest on the seven seas. Particularly fascinating is the successful integration of three restaurants on three decks, an idea copied from the interior of the Paris Opera House. But the most unexpected attraction is an Ice Rink that is also used for International Ice Revues. And the enormous atrium with all of its glittering structures of chrome and glass is like a futuristic work of art. There’s even a casino which features Black Jack, roulette, dice, video poker and one-armed bandits and where those who are really lucky may even win back the cost of their holiday! A Sunday afternoon cruise on the river was never like this!

9 Responses to “Celebrity Cruise Lines – Life as a Crew Member (aka Slave)”

  1. TurboTripleM says:

    Negative. Left in? 2007 🙂

  2. tompiresrocha says:

    u still working in Infinity? ???????????????

  3. knurri says:

    girls with alcohol and sex addictions???? sign? me up??

  4. joeblack407 says:

    no booze in cabins anymore? That’s a drag.. back in 99 we had stockpiles? man.

  5. debonairscenery says:

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  6. Evaspie says:

    How old do you have? to be?

  7. WildJive20 says:

    Do you have any info? on getting a security job on a cruise ship? SJ

  8. picolinoar says:

    no casino party `s? ? i would like to seee one

  9. cutiemae25 says:

    bad word–> putang ina mo!.. hmmm? learning tagalog huh.. hehe