CBC Totem – March 14, 2005 – Vancouver, BC 006

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CBC Totem – March 14, 2005 – Vancouver, BC 006
Vancouver BC
Image by kk+

Translink 2792 on 4th Ave Vancouver BC 2008_0205
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
One of the last remaining E902s in service, and now all gone – either scrapped or sold to Argentina

Woman with motion capture face-dots and flash-strobe, trade floor, SIGGRAPH, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada.jpg
Vancouver BC
Image by gruntzooki

15 Responses to “CBC Totem – March 14, 2005 – Vancouver, BC 006”

  1. gillicious says:

    beautiful shot, dude.

  2. uae-dragon.com says:

    nice angle..

  3. kk+ says:

    thx gilli.
    dragon, alas, it was the only angle. 🙁

  4. Claudine says:

    what an awesome composition!

  5. © Tatiana Cardeal says:

    hey Kris, it would be great if you add these Totens
    to the Indigenous/Tribe Pool……. 🙂

  6. © Tatiana Cardeal says:

    thank you my sweet friend!
    i love this totem………. =D

  7. oniquet says:

    Great pic. We used it for an article about Emily Carr.

  8. one42chrisp says:

    I must say, I prefer the red paint scheme to the blue on the new trolley buses!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. Stephen Rees says:

    This paint job is at least ten years old since repaints into plain white started before Translink was set up in 1999

    This version – without black paint anywhere on the body – is my personal preference too. But this body style does look very dated now.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  10. BCOL CCCP says:

    social credit colours – thus gone…

  11. Stephen Rees says:

    When I worked for BC Transit the discussion on livery was always linked to the "colour palette" of the BC Flag – which is why the liveries where all combinations of red, white, blue and yellow. Even though GVTA was not a crown, that principle seemed to live on for some time. But for reasons I could never understand the bus guys at Burnaby had a thing about matt black

  12. BCOL CCCP says:

    sea bus was once yellow – an NDP colour… BCR had almost same colours as BC TRANSIT… same flag on the side. the new colours are not as nice.

  13. SqueakyMarmot says:

    Any idea when everything (buses, SkyTrain cars) will have the blue & yellow colour scheme?

  14. Stephen Rees says:

    Since the blue and yellow has now been replaced by the grey and black almost certainly never

    By the way I saw a new variation on the express bus livery this morning (Apr 19) – the blue and yellow stripes are the same but the base is now grey instead of white. As I was driving I was unable to get a picture

  15. RenderfarmFi says:

    Awesome picture! I have to go copycat this style tomorrow while I still have the chance. 🙂