Cat & Blue

Cat & Blue

This is a video with Tyler Peterson-Gillingham ripping it up in his hometown, Vancouver BC. Dramatic progress has been made by this rider over the last season as he’s proved he’s a strong racer and a fearless freerider. Get stoked as Tyler shreds some pavement to the sounds of Zion I – Coastin’ Setup: Landyachtz Wolfshark Bear Precisions 72mm Abec 11 78a Freerides
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Cat & Blue”

  1. Loc Cassida says:

    1:47? :O

  2. TheHenryGeorge1 says:

    they? are footstops

  3. MegaMd1998 says:

    Really awesome video!
    Just want? to know why do you have a random bushing on the front of your board?

  4. Dallas Adams says:

    awesome job

  5. GradualMobbing says:

    what? editing software are you using?

  6. irucabridge says:

    Hmmm. I’ll take your word for it, but whenever my english teacher marks down GRAMMATICAL errors, it includes? spelling. Either way his spelling was pretty bad, that was the point i was trying to get across :3

  7. TheFarfinoogin says:

    78a but they could be from abec 11’s notorious bad batch of wheels so they may ride a bit? harder.

  8. Eric Krismer says:

    Its his spelling not grammar… his grammar isnt perfect but? his spelling is worse

  9. thatGuyoverrther says:

    What A are those wheels? ??

  10. DrRoryMagowan says:

    I thought? the sign at 0:34 was a dude skateboarding.

  11. richman3211 says:

    You’re not better? then him.

  12. WoodroeLongBoarding says:

    what? are you trying to say?

  13. mrcinquepalle says:

    I think freeboard sucks, but that? i wanted to say is that with freeboard is pretty much easy to slide than a longboard! 😉 this guy really know how to slide!

  14. JustInTim32Ride says:

    yeah your so much better. *SNAP* dreams over buddy get out? of bed

  15. MrHi435 says:

    freeboard is like training? wheels for longboards

  16. mrcinquepalle says:

    He’s riding a longboard, but he slides? like a freeboard! O_o