Carnival’s Onboard Safety Video

This safety video is shown onboard all Carnival Cruise Lines ships. We use this to help inform our guests of procedures to follow in an emergency situation.
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Visit for much more from the Disney Dream! On Jan. 19, 2011, Disney put on an amazing performance to commemorate the christening of the new Disney Dream cruise ship, currently the third largest in the world. The show featured dancers, singers, Disney characters, pirates, princesses, executives, and Jennifer Hudson singing as the godmother of the ship.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 Responses to “Carnival’s Onboard Safety Video”

  1. cameplaitbeaucoup says:


  2. carnivalfunships1 says:

    Yes but costa was responsible for? concordia no Carnival. And no only 1 bad thing has ever happened to carnival.

  3. cameplaitbeaucoup says:

    everyone is saying carnival has the best safety drills, the only reason for that is because all? the bad things happens to carnival ships hahaha, when there is always a cruise accident it’s always carnival, and that italian ship for costa cruise lines was owned by carnival, so even that counts

  4. BlueKewne says:

    Wait!? Where are those bags that come down in case of cabin pressure change?

    Wait….wrong video….

  5. Kosherhologram says:

    Natasha bedingfield must die Natasha bedingfield is responsible for all the piracy? at sea that why she must die

  6. alwayson09 says:

    On Royal Caribbean’s? Oasis we simply assembled in the main dining room and watched a safety video. Was nice, no life vest needed!

  7. Kosherhologram says:

    Natasha bedingfield must go down with ship and drown?

  8. WamsWarrior says:

    I? like wearing it! =] It’s something you dont get to do much lol

  9. Cody Porter says:

    Ah, yes. I Remember that on the? Carnival Dream.

  10. ksutkowski says:

    I work for carnival dream, and let me tell you, best job carrer you could have, ive gone everywhere mexico? carrabieam, hawii ect BEST JOB EVER!!!!!!

  11. ksutkowski says:

    whats the song at the begging? and end called???

  12. NLSLproductions says:

    on royal caribbean? they make u wear the lifejacker during the drill

  13. Kosherhologram says:

    Amy winehouse is responsible for all the plane crash and shipwreck that why? they kill retarded Amy winehouse

  14. carnivalfunships1 says:

    Carnival Corp has the best? Safety Drills

  15. tabitha haley says:

    Ive been on several cruises all with carnival and on diffrent ships they always have a good safety drill?

  16. Idan Youval says:

    Better? late than never…

  17. evilmikeb says:

    Great video, to bad Captain Shittino didnt see it. I have a cruise coming up soon, I guess if I stay near the Captain when something goes wrong, at least I know I’ll get off the ship.? Im thinking all the Captains have the same training.

  18. Tiqger3 says:


  19. Tiqger3 says:


  20. Motishuu says:

    i was? there <3

  21. HFUstoreit1 says:

    *cough* Hercules *cough*?

  22. themailman956 says:

    High? school musical

  23. Carlos Aponte says:

    it has very? unique horns look it up

  24. KarKid77 says:

    hundreds of millions for a cruise ship but probably only ten dollars for these crappy? singers

  25. gabedm385 says:

    Disney can? never half ass anything can they.

  26. tavon richard says:

    how is it for the tour?

  27. 1985ivanych says:

    ???, ?????????? ?? ???????? ? ???????????? ?????? ?? ????……,??????? ?? ???? ???.

  28. Pokegirl24 says:

    They? only save the blinking, mouth-moving costumes for christening

  29. bamagirl11261990 says:

    What does this? marvelous ship have,like no other ship has?

  30. xInflitex says:

    Yeah, treat? the ship like a baby :]

  31. jourdonsings says:

    I feel bad.. everybody was so excited about the Dream and? nobody cares about the Fantasy lol

  32. BillWa says:

    tacky to be sure, but? it is Disney, what do you expect.

  33. BillWa says:

    Actually, they are not? supposed to, you might damage the hull.

  34. BillWa says:

    Lighten up, let people have their enjoyment. I am a Christian and I? find this to be very exciting

  35. RockDisneyPrincess says:

    Ahh wow wish? I was there….

  36. Luc Wittenberg says:

    i know i thought the same? thing!

  37. 00innerspace00 says:

    lol you’re on the internet,? Google it!

  38. elvisandalma75 says:

    i wanna go so bad on this ship ? its wish hope its comes true someday