Carnival Spirit’s Green Thunder Inauguration — Carnival Cruise Lines Australia

Carnival Spirit’s star attraction, Green Thunder — the world’s steepest and fastest waterslide at sea — was inaugurated in an exclusive Aussie only event. The winner of the national naming competition, Elke Faulwetter was onboard for the celebrations whilst Carnival Spirit sailed around in Hawaii and was one of the first to thunder down the slide! Carnival Spirit’s Green Thunder, built just for Aussies, heads down under in October this year. For more exciting information about Carnival Spirit, head to our Facebook page, ‘like’ Carnival Cruise Lines Australia and get involved in the conversation!
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11 Responses to “Carnival Spirit’s Green Thunder Inauguration — Carnival Cruise Lines Australia”

  1. brinelson25 says:

    Stu!.. If your cruising on the Spirit I would recommend taking the “Behind the Fun” tour. If you have ever wondered what it takes to run? a floating city its worth every penny!

  2. redsoxluver4ev says:

    Aaaaahh!!!!! I can’t waite!!!!!! Goin on 6-19!! To Alaska!!!!? It’s my first carnival cruise.. can anyone tell me about it? 🙂 thanks!!

  3. Sora6041 says:

    Hmm…? Green thunder could be another meaning for gt.
    E.g. Ford Green Thunder. Lol ford gt

  4. jigsterify says:

    one of my least favourite water slides at wet n wild gold coast…. water goes up your nose! prefer the ones that you go into that cone shape thing and spin around… think those sort of ones are on the NCL? ship

  5. catbra74 says:

    Just? booked my cruise on this ship for the 27th Dec. Can’t wait to try the GT

  6. dashinggirl235 says:


  7. avi10131 says:

    lucky i have to wait a long time till my next cruise have fun :)?

  8. MrLfcboy says:

    Looks fantastic, been on something similar at wet and? wild last year scary as

  9. dashinggirl235 says:

    Im going on a crusie this year 2012 in august first im going to universal and? then like we going to a hotel or something then THE CRUSIE SHIP BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!

  10. thekidzmissmissy1 says:

    My son would LOVE this!!!!!!

  11. 3365lynn says:

    Awesome can’t wait? to try it out