Carnival Paradise Flash Mob – Carnival Cruise Lines – Flash mob on Carnival Paradise performed by Celebrity Dance Competitions group in partnership with Ahwatukee Travel.
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25 Responses to “Carnival Paradise Flash Mob – Carnival Cruise Lines”

  1. thebusinesswoman86 says:

    Why does this look like something that would be in a Disney movie?

  2. BailandoLee says:

    Just got off the Princess Sapphire a week ago. We had a deck party with a “flash mob” led by six of the pro dancers. It was soooo much fun. If you like dancing, and fun,? and taking cruises, make sure that your cruise will be doing this! Generally, the one week cruises (not port intensive) warm weather ones have fantastic entertainment.

  3. MrBanana1240 says:

    This reminds me that my friends n I were on the Carnival? Pride. We started doin the Jamaican Dance Mashup from Just Dance 3. Soon, people joined in n they turned on the music it waz so cool but we were in Port Canaveral at Night lol

  4. Acc0rd79 says:

    Wow ive been on 6 cruises now and I never have seen so many young people! haha Then again? I never have been on a carnival cruise, usually Celebrity or Princess. We normally like the classy atmosphere so we dont mind the older crowd.

  5. gIaNtZ2613 says:

    haha i went on that ship on November 7,2011…hmmm no one told me that there was a FLASH MOB on that? ship!!!oh welps:P

  6. TheSuperwizardman says:

    cool my couson is in it and did anyone see the guy in the spedo??

  7. yuckster08 says:


  8. seeker1625 says:

    LOL, we were actually ON that cruise and didn’t? even know it happened! Too much stuff to do on those ships 🙂

  9. calessassracer says:

    Crash? im going Nov 18 .

  10. crash3x says:

    I hope that? happens on my cruise in No ember

  11. TinnInches says:


  12. mizieech says:

    dude!!! i was there. except i? had just gone inside and missed it!!! snap dang it!

  13. KristiannaStephani says:

    suuuuure this had to be just a couple weeks before I went on! everyone on mine was so boringgg. ?

  14. straws102 says:

    The only reason I’d be? upset is if this happened on a cruise I was on, and I wasn’t participating. @nyc87799—Glad you won’t be on a Carnival ship…wouldn’t want to cruise w/a grumpy individual!

  15. jettehh22 says:


  16. nyc87799 says:

    I would be so pissed if I was on this cruise….Another reason why I would never cruise? Carnival

  17. k00lguy80 says:

    Not? really a flash mob.

  18. TheShowstopper75 says:

    I sooooooooo want to? do this on my cruise. Looks tooooooo fun

  19. aqualoo101 says:

    Omg!! I was there!!! (:?

  20. RhondaKramer says:

    Lets do? this on ALL Carnival Fun Ships!!

  21. dionewilmoth says:

    Wow… Now that looked like soooo much fun…. WTG celebrity you guys always make competitions soooo? much fun!!!

  22. cruiseoneFL says:

    Way to? go! Amazing!

  23. debiking6 says:

    I am organizing a flash mob on a FUN ship … email me if you want to be involved! DebiKing (at) dkcruiseandtravel (dot) com?

  24. wallstwst says:

    This was a blast!!!? Nice job Celebrity!

  25. KMusicStation1 says:

    I saw Chloe on the? cruise!!! That was so cool 🙂 my dance studio was on that cruise.