Carnival Cruise Lines Trip on the Sensation (Part 1)

Carnival Cruise Lines Trip on the Sensation (Part 1)

My friend Christine and I took Carnival Cruise trip to the Bahamas including Freeport and Nassau from Florida. This film is just a bunch of pictures and stuff for you to enjoy. The music is by Helmet & Pimprone of Straight Up & Down Records that was picked up in Freeport, Bahamas.
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This is a video I shot of Disney Cruise lines leaving Port Canaveral. This is a good video because you can really hear the “When you wish upon a Star” Horn.
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  1. ugliestalmanac4 says:

    I’m going on my first trip in January to the Carribean, Ibefore booking I read sonme good articles at cruisesforthefamily? (.) com

  2. rvd744 says:

    I was on that ship last summer it was? so fun I was at the water slides all day . When I got hungry i WOULD EAT THE AMAZING PIZZA AND THE MELTING BROWNIES

  3. mcredsox16 says:

    i mean im going on this boat? in november

  4. mcredsox16 says:

    im? going on the sensation this september

  5. dj8058 says:

    nice video, bad music!?

  6. macyskewl007 says:

    no but i hav the 1 on the formal nite when we dressed? up i can upload that and send it 2 u cause u mite no me 🙂

  7. cruisesstar22 says:

    Oh cool! Do you have a? video of the ship my Video of Carnival Sensation October16th-19th,2008 and Dont look at the feburary sensation ones because that isnt from October

  8. macyskewl007 says:

    wow i went on those same days!!! wow? cool!!!

  9. cruisesstar22 says:

    You went in October too. So did I. On October16th-19th,2008. I loved it. Cheak my vids and? my October Sensation cruise please.

  10. playboymaxim says:

    What’s wrong with? the music?

  11. macyskewl007 says:

    ive been on this boat twice! i just went on a cruise in october on? this boat! it rocks!

  12. kellock71 says:

    sweet! i was there the same time as you =]?

  13. momzlilmonster says:

    lmao, agreed?

  14. willypablo says:

    Great vid ..?

  15. blackopsplayer84 says:


  16. blackopsplayer84 says:

    the Best hotn? ever

  17. GrAvITYDefIER20 says:

    i miss tht? horn…………………:(

  18. RocketRodder says:

    Even SHE needs tugs. Haha.

    I never realized how sleek she looked. She reminds me of? the QM. I know that’s been said, but just now it like… clicked.

  19. dinoloverist says:

    I saw Walt Disney’s Dinosaur? that was showing in a movie
    theater in July 2000 on the Disney Wonder! It is amazing
    that I have good memories!

  20. MJMyrna says:

    Wow! That ship is? huge!

  21. mambasnake2 says:


  22. ZombieSoldier01 says:

    It says it right on the side.? it was “Wonder”

  23. Swede1962 says:

    Me and my family are going on a? disney cruise!

  24. deathofmyheadinmycoc says:

    imagine the look on? the krackens face he hears that thumbs up

  25. SlySquriel says:

    Was? that the “Magic” or the “Wonder”? I was on the Magic. It was soo loud!

  26. Ratmaster100 says:

    You dufus it’s not once you? wish upon a star!
    it’s just wish upon a star!

  27. peace4111 says:

    It’s awesome? on the ship!

  28. paramoreROXlol says:

    lawl. oh good times. bak in 2007 i was on tht ship and? i was RIGHT beside the horn when it did that and i freaked! lolll

  29. bethand740 says:

    i? tried to get that horn everytime but i missed it… at least i can have it now

  30. hurriedtempo481 says:

    Great video thanks for posting. I also found cruisesforthefamily (.) com to be a good? source .