Carnival Cruise Lines Paradise Funship Stateroom

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John Heald's Carnival Magic Update - Carnival Cruise Lines – John Heald introduces a table top magician that works for Carnival Cruise Lines. John explains that the Carnival Magic will include table top magicians that will walk around performing magic in the dinning rooms. For more information on the Carnival Magic ship click here –
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7 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Lines Paradise Funship Stateroom”

  1. bRadicalmagic1 says:

    Hey John Heald:
    How come I didn’t get to meet you? on the Magic Cruise of 2010.

  2. CallieAlways2010 says:

    Hey Thats Our? Carnival Splendor!!!!!

  3. CallieAlways2010 says:

    Hey Be Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  4. Meguchi78 says:

    John…. You’re such a D1CK!!!?

  5. homeric9 says:

    That may well have been? your individual experience but Carnival’s safety record speaks for itself. And Mr. Heald, for whom I have no respect for what so ever, printed an onlin version of the incident regarding the Splendor fire. That has already greatly differed from the Coast Guard’s preliminary report which is available online.
    I simply do not feel safe trusting Carnival Cruise Lines with my or my family’s safety.

  6. Philip02K says:

    I was on the carnival dream. I am an ex-marine who was assigned to head ship security for one of the carriers. I can assure you, security as well as safety is never compromised. I took a behind the scenes tour, met? the heads of all departments accept galley because i am disabled and use a service dog. They take life boat drills seriously and are safe. I have seen a serious accident onboard and medical staff was excellent.

  7. Jaysin The Magician says:

    Contact me please I would love? to entertain for carnival