Carnival Cruise Lines—Our Cruise

A look at some of the islands of the eastern caribbean.

This is a short video of Cozumel Mexico. This will also show you what you will find when you get of a Carnival Cruise Line because Cozumel is one of Carnivals ports that they go to. The water is gorgeous and the sand is fine.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Lines—Our Cruise”

  1. cruizinbaby says:

    Maho Beach, St.? Maarten 🙂

  2. cruizinbaby says:

    Maho Beach, St.? Maarten 🙂

  3. dirtyjew1974 says:

    ive been on this ship and i loved it, it was one? of my favorite if not my favorite ship

  4. kennynaulty says:

    @ agenttheolos1 if ur not a comets douche with a bad attitude cruises are great. You go do fun activities with ur family and have fun. Ur obviously just? a tool who can’t a good time.

  5. Willamina8099 says:

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  6. HERRER21 says:

    well isn’t that the? point on going on a vacation to do nothing and relax

  7. brooklynlulu says:

    I just came back from the UK, two months of horrid weather, what the hell was I thinking, next time, warm climate, cold drinks and planes flying low for? my amusement on the beach, yeah, that is going to be my next trip lol.

  8. agenthelios1 says:

    OK? where is the fun? stuff. All I see is old people crap. It seems like thisship is for people who are disabled or lazy.

    Is there anything for a guy like me in theor mid 20’s that isnt lazy to do? or do Ijust have to sit on my ass eating all day and get fat….i vacation often but never taken a cruise.

    Seems like a lot of fat lazy white trash that just sit there and eat and drink all day.

  9. tiresome79 says:

    I’m thinking of booking one myself. I? did some good reserach at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  10. moniqdannrath says:

    OMG? those planes! where was that?????????

  11. whatswhat7 says:

    i loved this cruise and all the? cruises ive been on 🙂

  12. dudekyle92 says:

    cant wait only a week and a half?

  13. Wesley Hussey says:

    how was? it?

  14. SuperAliceMA says:

    Omg that place is beautiful!Honduras? i love you

  15. MissYaya69 says:

    but im superrr exicted to go on? the cruise on the valor. I guess i have to pray and pray on the plane : P

  16. MissYaya69 says:

    okay i have the biggest fear of planes….i think i would pee in my pants if i saw that lmaoo
    sadly im going on a cruise in august 22, 2010 anddd i have to fly to florida. lmaoo i use to live there but i move to rhode island.? kinda sucks i cnt just drive to the ports no moree..ahh gunna have to get use to it i guess lmaoo ughhh aerophobia suck!!!!

  17. mariahrocks1 says:

    coolio, im going on the new? cruise carnival dream in a month…march 6th

  18. dowork614 says:

    @dowork614, forgot to say, I went on the Eastern Caribbean cruise from MIA to san juan, st? thomas, and st maarten

  19. dowork614 says:

    x2, I went on the carn triumph? last march, some of the most fun I’ve ever had!!!! Sure miss it!

  20. GimpCartoonWork says:

    Hello , I Am Going To Be Boarding The Carnival Elation Cruise Ship . I Have A Couple Of Questions Before Boarding In 11 Days :

    1. Have You? Been On The Water Slide ?
    2. Does The Waterslide Take You Deep In The Water ?
    3. How Deep Is The Pool ?
    4. Is The Food Good?
    5. Is The Cruise Fun?
    6. Rate The Ship /5 .
    Thank You For Your Time.

  21. SelenaGomezpeace2 says:

    I don’t really? want to go to Cozumel again cuz m and family once u get off the ship there’s a beach well we found out that u have to get on a taxi o the beach! And we didnt trust the taxis so yeah

  22. rygscruisereview says:

    Great? video!

  23. DerrickH1969 says:

    The first ship is the Carnival Legend…the? one we went on in Sept. out of Tampa. Not sure what the one behind it is. We were docked next to the Triumph when we were there, and it looks like the Triumph may be the ship behind the Legend. Or possibly the Glory.

  24. geKeoni says:

    what kind of camera are you? using?

  25. cornhuskerkidz says:

    going to that exact sp? in like 2 days on a cruise too
    did u go on the triumph