Carnival Cruise Line’s Miami Terminal at Dawn

A slow “fly by” of Carnival’s Miami cruise terminal in the early morning hours. The Miami skyline is beautiful at this hour of the day! Sit back, relax, and enjoy fantasizing that you are cruising in to Miami as you watch this. If you get a little bored with the slow pace, jump ahead to 2:10 in to it… that’s where it gets the most interesting, as we find the Carnival Valor cruise ship at the dock. This video is in full 1080p high definition, and was shot with a Canon Digital Rebel T2i.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

A good insite into Cunard and what to expect onboard.

5 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Line’s Miami Terminal at Dawn”

  1. themailman43 says:

    Beautiful video , very? clear. Im taking a cruise out of Miami in August , can’t wait !!

  2. Amar123321 says:

    Love it ?

  3. Jim Zimmerlin says:

    I was on the Carnival Glory. We were actually doing back-to-back cruises… in other words, we did two cruises in a row. At the end of the first cruise? I was up on deck watching us pull in to Miami and it was incredibly beautiful… but I didn’t have my camera with me. So, at the end of the second week when we came back to Miami again… I made SURE to have my camera with me!

  4. romka4567 says:

    Just no******?

  5. romka4567 says:

    lol i went on carnival. Wow and i thought that was amazing. I hope i could make enough money in this lifetime to enjoy THIS kind of luxury jure no words the atmosphere looks so out of this world. :[. Oh? well back to making 7.25/hr