Carnival Cruise Line Ship The Valor – Sept 2009

Carnival Cruise Line – The Valor Sept 2009 – Our 7 day cruise vacation aboard the Carnival Valor Dream
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15 Responses to “Carnival Cruise Line Ship The Valor – Sept 2009”

  1. TheKimmy474 says:

    Going july 21 2012!!

  2. BlackMomba28 says:

    Looks like? you had a lot of fun. I’ve been on Valor before it was awsome.

  3. mercknball69 says:

    Oh my? goodness I loved your video. What kind of a program did you use to put it together?? Awesome!

  4. daddyd202030 says:

    I? loveed it

  5. gtiwebhost says:

    Very nice? video. You’d captured the essence of the trip!!! We plan on going in August 2011.

  6. marchyourheartout says:

    great video! one of the best? ive watched so far
    my family is going in may and i cant wait !

  7. reminiscentmani93 says:

    I’m going on my first trip in January to the Carribean, Ibefore booking I read sonme good? articles at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  8. BTC141 says:

    Cool video, thanks? for posting.

  9. mascara1980 says:

    I am going on this ship on Aug 22nd with my friend. Excited!!!?

  10. wadethegringo says:

    Carnival Valor August? 22nd 2010 second time on ship…

  11. MissYaya69 says:

    August 22,? 2010!!! Awsome video!

  12. DuffyDog84 says:

    may 2 2010!!? 🙂

  13. zedster67 says:

    Great video! We are cruising on this same boat in 7 days and this video has made it that much? more exciting for us!! Great job….thanks for sharing!

  14. zedster67 says:

    Excellent video!! We are sailing on the valor in 7 days and are so excited…..your video made us even more excited about it!! We’re travelling with 4 kids…ages 4, 8, 12, and 14. Looks like you guys had? a blast!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. xvrhernandez349 says:

    i loved the valor it? was super cool went on june 21-28 2009