Canucks Vs Sharks – Game 5 Entrance & Anthems – 2011 Playoffs – 05.24.11 – HD

Here are Your Vancouver Caaaaaaaaaaanuuuuucks… The Canadian National Anthem performed by Mr. Mark Donnelly and the American National Anthem performed by Mr. Richard Loney.

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38 Responses to “Canucks Vs Sharks – Game 5 Entrance & Anthems – 2011 Playoffs – 05.24.11 – HD”

  1. themeatetarian says:

    no other team should be able to wave a towel TOWEL POWER!!! TOWEL POWER!!! TOWEL POWER!!! TOWEL? POWER!!! TOWEL POWER!!! TOWEL POWER!!! TOWEL POWER!!!

  2. ChinAMAPutatoDragun says:

    i wanna see mark donnelly hoist the stanley cup. he deserves it.?

  3. TheJbayway says:

    5:01 WTF!!!!!!! Boston? Fan!?!?!?!?!!?

  4. Canucks19702012 says:

    We are the most? passionate city in the world about our sport. And we want a Stanley Cup!!!

  5. CanucksxDream says:

    warm up? ?

  6. Datsyuk132011 says:

    Sharks suck… just stop trying? to get into the playoffs.. you choke way to much

  7. documentaryfreak8 says:

    what is the warm? up song??

  8. cameroncrazie818 says:

    as a hardcore bruins fan, I think that is a very factual statement, unfortunately. we love hockey here, but it’s hard when there? are 3 other teams in the area that are elite teams in their respective sports. plus, sad to say, there are quite a few pink hats/bandwagoners here. i’m sure there are in vancouver, but i’d bet not to the degree (not that it’s a huge population of bandwagoners, because it’s not) that there is in Boston.

  9. mthfku says:

    cheery? is always right

  10. PartyRock15 says:

    Yeah man.?

  11. 08rusl says:

    cherry? is a bruin luvn dickhead

  12. Deethen says:

    Ron McLean is a champ. That? was a great intro.

  13. Deethen says:

    Those are the same? guys who have been doing it for years.

  14. Sarah Edwards says:

    How are you chosen to sing the anthems at NHL games??

  15. CanadianFreestyle1 says:

    ? U2- Where the streets have no name.

  16. DanniiCrumpxx says:

    <333333 AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!? :D

  17. TechGround says:

    came here? for tim and stayed for the awesome music

  18. HeGivesSaIvation says:

    Who wants to live forever ? REPENT – BELIEVE IN? JESUS CHRIST – LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will live forever !

  19. TheFlaskman says:

    Why did? i ever stop listenting to this. WTF.

  20. KenzieSinger557 says:

    I found this song by watching it on TV! I wish it had more views its so good!!!?

  21. Zemlar Business Centre says:

    love it ! i cant get enough of this video song..i? could listen to it 10000000000000000000000000000000 times a day !

  22. FoRgEtMeXd1 says:

    i love? this (:

  23. ApplePieEater101 says:

    Saw him in concert last year I believe it? was in March? Seems like an amazing guy. Great voice really :). Love this song to death!

  24. VanCityLuver says:

    I love this… He’s such a amazing? singer! 🙂

  25. Dianna Ratsamy says:

    God I love Eric Solomon’s style in music, videomaking, clothing, & evrything! It’s so effin awesome! If I was a guy, I’d want to dress? like him hehe 😉

  26. dragonflydreaming says:

    Idan sent me here, we went to school together in Belgium. He is? SO proud of you Eric! xo

  27. MrsFrogs15 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH not funny.?

  28. Marcolagare says:

    T’es tlm cutee? Eric!!! ^^

  29. StoryBookMaker says:


  30. evan11112 says:


  31. AlysonHunter19 says:

    i dont like? his hairr!!!

  32. kikoman522 says:

    They didnt think I could get 20,000 friends on youtube but here`s how I? did it:

  33. TheChocos0 says:

    The tune and rhythm just gives me a nostalgic? feeling
    Great song. =)

  34. explik says:

    Where’s the bilingual? version? I want to hear the French part!

  35. yukimuara19 says:

    I love this song! Usually, I hate dancing but I HAVE TO? DANCE TO THIS!

  36. aLL3y3zPonM3 says:

    Loveeee this song? 🙂

  37. xbebedee says:

    this song will never? get old, & this song also makes me proud to be from vancouver 🙂

  38. tonyz92 says: