Canucks Vs Bruins – Game 7 Entrance & Anthems – 2011 Playoffs – 06.15.11 – HD

Here are Your Vancouver Caaaaaaaaaaanuuuuucks… The Canadian National Anthem performed by Mr. Mark Donnelly and the American National Anthem performed by Mr. Richard Loney.

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25 Responses to “Canucks Vs Bruins – Game 7 Entrance & Anthems – 2011 Playoffs – 06.15.11 – HD”

  1. BostonBruins27 says:

    Go B’s?

  2. CaronDeath18 says:

    I will remember this day forever… My heart almost stop when? the game took off! Mighty B’s for life.

  3. Yasharkilla123 says:

    U2 where the streets? have no name

  4. TheWhoppuh says:

    what song comes on at? 1:33

  5. lugags says:

    I? think this is so uplifting.I can watch this over and over again

  6. Tyler Smith says:

    Still noticing a lot of butthurt canucks fans talking trash about the B’s even to? this day

  7. themafia306 says:

    Over one year later I still can’t let this go. Watching this video gives me chills, seeing the thousands and thousands of passionate Canucks fans…I? remember watching this game all the way from Florida, wanting nothing more than to be in Vancouver cheering on my team. We got robbed, but I hope our time comes soon. We are too good not to win it. Canucks Nation 2013!

  8. CAV3MAN9 says:

    same here it seemed like i? was still sad about last year when this years playoffs were on and still i talk about it. like kes said to get over it they need to win it

  9. AssaultAndBattery777 says:

    so depressing watching this over one year later -_-‘?

  10. callofdutyfan8 says:

    i? was so pumped up this night….man i miss that day…..then boston ruined it

  11. NightfireOP says:

    NO, i? don’t know why we couldn’t score during the regular season. NO, i? don’t know why we suddenly started lighting it up at the playoffs. NO, i don’t know how everything just suddenly clicked at the right time other than:
    …because it’s the cup.

  12. cyber151 says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments then I came to yours. I have no idea what you are talking about or what your problem is, just to let you know stats show that people who call others ‘fags’ loud and often usually are secretly homosexual. Nothing wrong at all with being gay, so if you are that’s fine, if you aren’t okay, but stop? calling people ‘fags’ endlessly. You come off looking like a complete fool.

  13. cyber151 says:

    Not a nucks? fan, I know everyone bashes him, while I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to beat around the bush. Luongo lets in bad goals. Even in games he wins. They got to game 7 in the finals despite his inconsistency. This year without Sedin and a busted up Kesler to start round 1, 7uongo let in some bad ones. I’m not surprised that Schneider matched Quick save for save in his 2 gp going 1w and 1L. As long as the nucks add more grit into their top 9 and play Schneider, no 1 will stop them

  14. MuggleTheMighty says:

    I love this song, and the video ? so much….

  15. canuckleful says:

    Why can’t this? shit happen to me in real life? XD

  16. sdjbdgj says:

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  17. asuka4196love says:

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  18. munsta007 says:

    so that girl shits? candy while on the move? genius

  19. Kit69katful says:

    GUSHERS?!?!?!? XD

  20. wecameastacos says:

    I can’t believe that i go? to that school in the video.

  21. blanketbarricade says:

    An acoustic cover we? did of this fine tune! … /watch?v=gn44F93ivN0

  22. HelloJello375 says:

    they are? playing Friday night at 6pm mat Robson and Beatty. It is going to be a great show

  23. Jed118 says:

    I like this song. Even over a year later ,it? strikes chords with me.


  24. toraguruu says:

    haha same. XD

  25. unwrittenxdream says: