Canadian Navy Centennial Tattoo, Band of HM Royal Marines at PNE 2010

The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines performed at the PNE 2010 on Sep 04, 2010 for a one-day only engagement to celebrate not only the 100 Canadian Navy centennial but also the 100 Years of Fun at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver’s Hastings Park. The audience at the Pacific Coliseum where the Canadian Navy Centennial Tattoo pomp and pageantry was held loved it. [Produced by Ray Van Eng] VIDEO – MAPLE LEAF FOREVER VIDEO – US MARINE BAND VIDEO – GRAND ENTRY VIDEO – GRAND FINALE
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Coldplay played two concerts in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena. This is the second night on Saturday, April 21. No songs are recorded in their entirety. If you enjoy the video, please go to a Coldplay’s concert for the live experience – it is well worth it! Songs played: 1 Mylo Xyloto 2 Hurts Like Heaven 3 In My Place 4 Major Minus 5 Lovers In Japan 6 The Scientist 7 Yellow 8 Violet Hill 9 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 10 Princess Of China 11 Up In Flames 12 Warning Sign 13 Don’t Let It Break Your Heart 14 Viva La Vida 15 Charlie Brown 16 Paradise 17 Us Against The World 18 Clocks 19 Fix You 20 Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Technical notes: Shot in 1080p HD with a hacked Panasonic GH2 and 20mm F1.7 lens. Please subscribe for more videos featuring the best city on earth – Vancouver, Canada, and watch movies from exotic travel destinations around the world!
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47 Responses to “Canadian Navy Centennial Tattoo, Band of HM Royal Marines at PNE 2010”

  1. rainintheface100 says:

    Yes they serve her as the Queen of Canada not the Queen of? Great Britain .

  2. Montyfiable says:

    It is 100 percent just a tradition and formality. Trust me,? there are absolutely no troops in the Canadian forces who would have a problem fighting against Britain if Britain somehow did something illegal. Remember, our troops are Canadians! And they fight for Canada!

  3. dinkytankman says:

    Absolutely the? best band anywhere!

  4. lankinator24 says:

    Because of? their British heritage.

  5. oldguy5677 says:

    As a former RCNR enlisted man, please read the caption and you will realize this is Her Majesty’s Royal Marines out of the UK performing at the Pacific National Exhibition in 2010 in honour of the RCN’s? 100th birthday. Canada has never had a Royal Marine band of this calibre.
    Go Navy Go!!

  6. HighROCOCOlings says:

    Goot marching& trust music!Thank you!
    Adding about costume,I already written to ordering effecive air shoose etc,and,white & red air contains trouzers that is marine swim , better& longe rmuch puriz jacket with miritaly highest safy protection effective mant that is for raining,snows,fire, floating sheat like boat by pushing ari and carrying person hucking sholder band as HK idea? on? trust keeping.

  7. clarkiiboii09 says:

    Have you posted the photos online anywhere??

  8. clarkiiboii09 says:

    This is the type of performance that when you compare to? the other bands…you can honestly say the Royal Marines totally rocked the show.

  9. clarkiiboii09 says:

    Yeah true, but the Canadian armed forces are serving Her Majesty, along with Australia & NZ. Close connections?

  10. Baseshocks says:

    read the tittle “Band of H.M. Royal Marines at PNE 2010”,? thats the U.K Royal Marine band preforming in Canada.

  11. WesternVoices7 says:

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    They say the “White Advantage” problem, which allegedly exists inside every White Nation, will ONLY be solved when non-white people from the 3rd world immigrate & displace the founding European population!!!

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  12. piggdsbest333 says:

    We used to ba a british nation what? do you think idiot

  13. wattypottyy says:


  14. gab21113 says:

    I am always glad to see the Royal Marine Band, having seen them live in 1986 in New York City at Madison Square Garden. Britons and Americans are brothers, including the occasional? stupid quarrel over bragging rights. The USMC Band is also very good, but has a different tone because it has a different makeup.

  15. capnvancouver says:

    cool? beans

  16. chrispy199 says:

    yeahhh? go canada!!!

  17. citrixfruit says:

    Yea i always wondered why it was the same tune, my school band? played it today for the Remembrance Day assembly.

  18. davesmunroe says:

    That would be correct, as Jupiter by Holst is the tune for I Vow to Thee my Country, so we’re? on the same page

  19. citrixfruit says:

    I think it? is Jupiter by Holst.
    Spent weeks researching haha.

  20. we3575 says:


  21. Damnblastify says:

    lol? you tit

  22. davesmunroe says:

    @citrixfruit Seems to be a slow? rendition of “I Vow to Thee, My Country”

  23. citrixfruit says:

    What’s the song name? @ 4:00?

  24. GoYankees99 says:

    Went to see them in Tampa, FL and the show was AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing your video clips–I feel like I’m back at the concert again 🙂 Such GREAT memories!!!!! The lighting was AWESOME, and I? looooove my bracelet 🙂

  25. campwren says:

    and the xylobands were awesome?

  26. campwren says:

    went to the? one in texas and it was awesome 😀 !!!! wish i could go again 🙁

  27. frankplusjen says:

    it’s in the description. hacked gh2 my friend?

  28. kellsters327 says:

    what camera were you using?? the image is immaculate. its beautiful.

  29. kellsters327 says:

    what camera? where u using

  30. WannaB21r0908859 says:

    i saw them tonight in Houston… best experience of my life!!!!!!!! i recommend? seeing them to everyone!!!!! even if you dont love coldplay, the show is worth it

  31. MrMitch38 says:

    that concert is something i will never forget for the rest of my life i? drove 8 hours to dallas. It was the best concert i have ever been to. When the lights went off I was mesmerized.

  32. WrightFlyer94 says:

    Saw? them at Manchester 9th June, they were beyond brilliant. And the xylobands are spectacular. Great vid btw.

  33. suttjust says:

    Awesome? just watched them on Sunday best concert of my life!

  34. MrDualShockz says:

    Goose? BUmbs

  35. Blake9383 says:

    June 22, can’t? wait!

  36. ILoveMagic15 says:

    tomorrow i’m seeing them live in? zurich woohooooo :DDDD

  37. anhxhoang says:

    I? was shocked as well, I was screaming my ass off the whole night.

  38. greg4gtr says:

    july 30th, in boston, ill be there working out a plan to? sneak back stage..

  39. nomierocksdude says:

    I was there that night! INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE that? I will never ever forget 🙂

  40. 16passal says:

    Me too!

  41. VGerring says:

    Thx! I? wish someone would do this at every show.

  42. theanimationmusic says:

    you should def. check out our video for Overboard!
    DO IT :)?

  43. cay87 says:

    Great quality and sound (of? the band), but yeah it doesn’t pick up the crowd as well. I was there both nights, and people were jumping/screaming/etc and it was loud.

  44. sassysassafras1 says:

    Thanks for sharing. We went to the Seattle? concert on the 25th. AWESOME concert!!!!!!

  45. alessandramayr says:

    nevermind i just saw the description :)?

  46. alessandramayr says:

    what’s the 3rd song? called?

  47. marianafaf says:

    i’m going to the Coldplay’s concert 18’th may 2012!!!!!! In? Portugal!!!!! amazing!!!!