Canada with the Siewerts

Oct. Trip to Canada’s Vancouver Island and several of the San Juans.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Odds-Someone Who’s Cool from ” Nest”.

16 Responses to “Canada with the Siewerts”

  1. Daniel Widrew says:

    were you? drunk all through the 90s or what? some of the grunge/alt bands were anti-fame during the few years when that scene was first ascendant, but the 90s was as commercial as ever —

  2. roxy217442 says:

    I saw them live tonight, they? sound no different. HAPPY B DAY ESQ!

  3. UKcanuck55 says:

    Thumbs up. And yeah? they are/were better than Nickelback.

  4. markesqable says:

    Everything 90’s was best. The 90’s were the simplicity years. Money didn’t rule the world back then, fame and fortune was not somthing you strived for. Nowadays, the glitz and glamour gets you the money and spotlight. Not true talent like it once was. It’s? unfortunate to think of what was then to what is now. 90’s will never be duplicated in a million years. Thank god I had the chance to live through them in my ‘golden years’ and that I can still listen to all the great music of the past era’s.

  5. DarkDude755 says:

    Nickleback WAS good, then they? got famous, and became crap

  6. DeathMetal569 says:

    When I listen to this song it sticks in my heads for days. Great song by a great band, too? bad they couldn’t have made it bigger.

  7. bettersongaday says:

    better song a day? 06.14.2012

  8. MrNorthwil says:

    lol so not? true

  9. Denthedragon says:

    NOOOOO I’m with Planet Express in the? year 3000 and listening to this.

  10. Malkohut says:

    The 90’s were? a good time for Canadian rock music.

  11. loser2356 says:

    I just started listening to this guy today and it? does suck that these band isnt that famous.

  12. adamstrange says:

    Thumbs up if you think? this is 90s goodness

  13. GamInvaders says:


  14. TheMJtheGOD says:

    Seriously, enough is enough!!! This is a video? of The Odds!!! Stop going on and on about NickelCrap, and stop insulting and threatening people!!!!!

  15. TheMJtheGOD says:

    Ha? Ha Ha!!! Yes, a NickelCrap fan would agree!! Isn’t that ultimately the Party Line?? Now, go put on your beer-stained wife-beater shirt and listen to some NickelCrap!!


  16. Malkohut says:

    You are a very angry person over something so unimportant. See I am not disagreeing with you, I hate Nickleback, but the fact still remains that Nickleback is the more famous band, this is not up for dispute you look at the record sales, concert tickets, all around just knowing? who they are Nickleback is more Famous than The Odds. Sad but true, now do one of two things get a real life or kill yourself.