Canada vs USA – Women’s Ice Hockey – Gold Medal Game – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Canada vs USA - Women's Ice Hockey - Gold Medal Game - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Enjoy a classic North American match-up in the final of the women’s ice hockey, as Canada take on the USA at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. For more Vancouver 2010 videos go to and visit the official website of the Olympic Movement at for all information on Olympic Games, Sports and Athletes, National Olympic Committees and Olympic News.
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Winter trip to Vancouver, February 2012
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19 Responses to “Canada vs USA – Women’s Ice Hockey – Gold Medal Game – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games”

  1. redplague says:

    I’ve been trying to look for the medal ceremony for the women when they were singing Oh Cananda. I’m not Canadian but I had shivers down my spine when I saw it? at the time.

  2. Evan8787 says:

    The shot at 5:12 just gives me? chills. The men’s team watching on :’)

  3. acefighter911 says:

    I love seeing the sea of? red in the stands!

  4. TheAgentCoolBlue says:

    does anyone know what the song is from 4:09 to? 4:14 ?

  5. e12433 says:

    pause at 1:37, that’s me behind where team Canada is can only see my jersey. that was honestly one of the best? days of my life getting to go to that game 🙂 proud to be Canadian!

  6. devilmusictime says:

    Can we? get Szabados? to goaltend for the leafs?

  7. TwitchySamurott says:

    That goalie is a? GODESS!

  8. horderulzforever says:

    5:35 HAHAHA dude? on the far left BAHAHAHA :’)

  9. SuperVancouverBC says:

    no i mean for the health? of the players. they should at least lean how to hit if they are going to allow it

  10. BostonCreamDonut says:

    Nope, polls consistently show fans love hits and fighting in the? game, taking it out will only decrease popularity.

  11. SuperVancouverBC says:

    but isnt that a good thing? i was never a fan of the? big open ice hits anyways. too many players in the NHL are getting concussions. what i propose is women’s hockey becomes semi-contact. allows hitting along the boards but no open ice hits

  12. BostonCreamDonut says:

    Regardless there isn`t that physical factor, when you see a woman coming up the neutral zone with her head down you know? she`s not going to get decked like in mens hockey. Womens hockey is great and all, but its probably because that major element of hitting that fans love isn`t there.

  13. SuperVancouverBC says:

    hitting is banned? but is still happens. during the usa/canada games the refs usually just let them play and hit each other

  14. BostonCreamDonut says:

    Probably? because hitting is banned in womens hockey.

  15. BostonCreamDonut says:

    The US was peppering our goalie with basic shots from? a distance. Too easy.

  16. paigeyysmith says:

    Women’s sports? gets no where near the publicity and respect men’s sports get I wonder why

  17. SuperVancouverBC says:

    yup plus dont? froget about manon rheaume the first woman to play in an NHL game!

  18. ralphyization says:

    That was prettty cool, eh? My city Sault Ste. Marie, is hosting the World recreational hockey tournament in a few weeks. Our city is fielding about 5 teams? of women. Our league here, has 20 teams. Great participation, eh?? I only wished they had age divisions, like they do for the men. Or I’d play too! I’m a “tad” old for the open division!!

  19. SuperVancouverBC says:

    funny? thing is she almost became the backup goalie for the edmonton oilers