Canada: Mentally ill man crawling when killed by Vancouver officer’s shot

Canada: Mentally ill man crawling when killed by Vancouver officer's shot

New video of a fatal shooting by a Vancouver police officer nearly five years ago is provoking calls to reopen the investigation into whether it was justified. The video shows the last moments of Paul Boyd, a 39-year-old mentally ill animator, who died after an altercation with Vancouver police in August 2007. Boyd can be seen on his hands and knees on Granville Street, moving toward Const. Lee Chipperfield, who is pointing a gun. The view is briefly obscured when Boyd crawls in front of a car, and Chipperfield fires the last of nine shots at him. The fatal bullet struck Boyd in the head. The disturbing video is the only one known to be recorded of the incident. It was captured by Andreas Bergen, a tourist from Winnipeg, who was visiting Vancouver with friends. At the time, Bergen didn’t think his shaky, dimly lit video was valuable because there were dozens of witnesses closer to the scene than he was. But in March of this year, BC’s police complaint commissioner issued a report, concluding there wasn’t “clear, convincing and cogent evidence … that Chipperfield used unnecessary force or excessive force during his incident.” Bergen said he read an account of the decision and became concerned. “I kind of felt guilty,” Bergen told CBC News, “[Because] I have the tape and I think the tape will help to resolve some of that confusion. I don’t think it was necessary to shoot Paul. Especially not eight times. And especially not in the head.” Read more: Namaste
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18 Responses to “Canada: Mentally ill man crawling when killed by Vancouver officer’s shot”

  1. northstar416 says:

    I love the double standards of this country. It is ok for this police constable to execute a helpless, mentally ill man in? downtown Vancouver. But Captain Robert Semrau killing a wounded enemy combatant during a battle in Afghanistan is not.
    This cowardly pig just goes back to work, not even a slap on the wrist. Captain Semrau, a Canadian hero, is dishonorably discharged for doing his job.

  2. Barry Skoletsky says:

    There was no reason to? have shot this man. He should not be a cop

  3. jojo123469 says:

    Thats one pussy hero cop, shooting a crawling man. This mother farmer cop is still copping I? bet.

  4. UfoScandinavia says:


  5. MrLespaul67 says:

    I mostly agree, but i dought their born again christain. One man with a bicycle chain and who many police officers? We need to kill? Our Millitary are our heroes, most of these police wouldnt now what real? fear is. Try not knowing how many enemies your facing and not being able to get a helecopter or air support to help you. This is cowardly, you are not heroes!

  6. PoBoyX says:

    Were you present at the trial? Do you have access to all of the testimony that was given? If your answer is “no” then there is no way you can even conceive of thinking you have a fully informed opinion of this case. None of us do. Our only “facts” on it have come filtered through the media or from a grainy 49 second snipet of a much longer event. You very well could be correct about this. However, to think you “know” all the facts around this case and? then insultingly rant about it is crazy.

  7. youttube106 says:

    There is a reason they call it new and SIGNIFICANT evidence. BECAUSE IT SHOWS THE POLICE’S STORY WAS FABRICATED!!!!!!! now they have to come up with new lies so you can spread them as “fact” and be there useful idiot.

    Like I said before go back to your born again christian stuff, you can go on believing those myths and at least? it doesn’t hurt anyone. Somewhere in your bible it does say that lying isn’t allowed, you might want to think about that and here you are defending lies, go figure.

  8. youttube106 says:

    And your kevlar vest comments are laughable. Yes, you would have us now believe Chipperfield that he thought there was a kevlar vest. Yes lets believe the testimony of a proven lier. He also said he was armed and approaching while swinging the chain. Where in the official testimony does Chipperfield say that boyd was fatally shot while? crawling towards him? IT DOESN”T BECAUSE HE LIED!!!!!!

  9. youttube106 says:

    You skim over the fact the 6 cops fabricated a story to cover their ass. Only when there was video do we now have the truth. Take your 49 seconds crap and stuff it where the sun don’t shine you useful idiot!! Why do? you think the made up the claim he was armed when they shot him moron? maybe because they knew the killing was wrong and they had to come up with a better story than truth. You don’t care about facts, you avoid them

  10. youttube106 says:

    You are a complete IDIOT !!!!!! Facts ??? You? wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you upside the head!!!!! You make up excuses endlessly, are you in the employ of the police or are you just a useful idiot? Have you ever seen one up close, I have both the police type and the more covert ones. Your whole kevlar vest is a strawman for the real issue. Was he approaching the police armed and in a threatening manner like all of the at least 6 police said in testimony ? NO!!!!!!!! THEY LIED!!

  11. lexikalfanfic says:

    Murdering scum bag!?

  12. Arthur Davis says:

    All the LIARS who were standing? right next to the revolting coward Lee Chipperfield should be fired and given jail time for their cowardly cover up of their colleges Nazi style execution. We hanged Nazi’s for shooting POW’s right after intense combat and the coward Lee Chipperfield walks free. Shame

  13. Arthur Davis says:

    It doesn’t get much more murder than that murder by the coward Lee Chipperfield. The people of Vancouver should feel nothing but revulsion and shame until the coward Lee Chipperfield is given a long prison sentence for? his Naziesque execution of a crawling, unarmed Paul? Boyd.

  14. MrWizardofozzz says:

    charge this cop with murder, cause we all know if the civil servant officer was anyone else other then the police, they would be going to jail. then charge all officers involved with conspiracy to cover this up as they lied. then why stop there, investigate the police complaints commissioners they are the reason this investigation is being done in Alberta, how do any of you get a good nights? sleep? bet your family is really proud of you lee..scumbag.

  15. PoBoyX says:

    I know he wasn’t wearing a kevlar vest but the police at the time didn’t. He took 7 bullets and was still mobile so a kevlar vest was a reasonable assumption for them at the time. You seem to think you have all the facts in the case and that watching the last 49 seconds of this huge event? gives you an accurate picture of what transpired that day. How can you possibly think you know all that went on when all you have is 49 seconds and info that has been filtered through the media?

  16. PoBoyX says:

    I told you to settle down because your previous post was simply a tirade of religious slurs and personal insults. Your post above is marginally more rational and you very well could be right. I am simply playing devil’s advocate because I don’t? think watching the last 49 seconds of a much larger event gives a bunch of youtubers with severe keyboard courage all the facts to stand as judge and jurry on this case. That includes both you and me.

  17. youttube106 says:

    Facts He was NOT swinging the chain, nor approaching them in threatening manner when the final kill shot took place PERIOD!!! That was the? invented testimony by all cops present to justify the murder. They fabricated a story and you are here being the good little dupe trying to further the lies.With idiots like you, we will never clean up the systemic lying police use. You even make up lies for them, kevlar vest??

  18. youttube106 says:

    Settle down? here you are defending the killing of someone and you don’t know the facts. Further you make up other reasons to justify the killing. Oh he must have stood up. The ONLY reason the? truth is coming out is, not because the police present had some ethics, it was because of a video recording!!!!! There are at least 6 perjurous cops the made up a story to suit themselves.