Canada Line: First Look

Four days before opening to the public, Vancouver’s new Canada Line rapid transit system was visited by Here is a 10-minute ride of the entire route, featuring footage of each station on the line.

13 Responses to “Canada Line: First Look”

  1. drsjohnny says:

    looks really good would this new train take you to? richmound?

  2. BrunoMontezum says:

    It looks like the line 4-Yeallow an Line 2-green? of São Paulo Metrô System (Subway)

  3. underman1 says:

    Even? this is better than the Torotno subway, toronto cannot even afford to make a line compared to Vancouver

  4. TranslinkBusVids says:

    at 4:06 why does it sound diffrent? when it says “this train is for richmond brighhouse”

  5. ohioweatherguy says:

    Looks pretty good. The stations seem a little small, but I guess the capability to have high frequencies on the Canada Line should hopefully be enough to avoid overcrowding of the station platforms.? Now if only they could find the money to create a SkyTrain subway line servicing the Broadway corridor out to UBC… Vancouver would finally have a great rail rapid transit “backbone” upon which streetcars and lightrail could be added in the future to enhance & strengthen that backbone.

  6. techfan42 says:

    Very good idea to allow very 2nd train? going to the airport
    Very convenience

  7. mapleavenue77 says:

    Looks great!

    Can’t wait until we get the Elginton Crosstown in Toronto. I hope it’s? like the Canada Line!

  8. heven729 says:

    Wow… this Canada Line just made my trip to Vancouver much easier!… See you guys in? April!… greetings from Los Angeles.

  9. deepseadinko says:

    @CityCaucus Yes I understand, but Vander Zalm should have put the Canada Line in @ the same time when the Expo Line was being installed. In the Netherlands there is a train station? right @ Schiphol airport, has been there for many years, same thing all over Europe @ all the major international airports. It just makes sense.

  10. CityCaucus says:

    No the Expo Line (aka Skytrain) was opened in 1986. This service just opened? in August 2009.

  11. deepseadinko says:

    Its a great service! Why wasn’t this put in place back? in 1984/85 for Expo? Would have made a lot more sense to have it then!

  12. ryancarlopot says:


  13. huangc2151992 says:

    how crowded usually? are in the Canada Line?