Canada Grain Harvest, GoPro High Definition

Canada Grain Harvest, GoPro High Definition

Grain Farming in Canada

Consistently ranked as North America’s top ski and snowboard resort, Whistler Blackcomb continues to raise the level of mountain excitement for its guests. With the landmark PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola opening December 12, the return of the popular Symphony Amphitheatre, and a host of other on-mountain improvements, this winter promises to be one of the most exciting yet. Located a scenic two-hour drive north of Vancouver, Canada up the spectacular ‘Sea to Sky’ Highway, this resort is home to Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, which boast one vertical mile of incredible skiing. With over 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers, 200 trails, and 8171 acres of skiable terrain, the choices of where and what to ski/ride at Whistler Blackcomb from beginner to advanced terrain are staggering. Joined at the base by a vibrant pedestrian village filled with award-winning après bars, restaurants, patios, cafes, shops, galleries and spas, and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this four-season resort is spectacular. For more information
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  1. Ticky66MN says:

    What a? great video! Thanks!

  2. Miquel Casanyes says:

    wheat and? soybeans? good video, really big machinery.

    we salute you from Catalonia!!

  3. Marli2 says:

    Love it. You have? inspired me to GoPro our harvest this year


    Great? video, how many acres do you farm?

  5. Essyemmm says:

    Nice Nice Video Neighbors, Love from Calif? US. ?

  6. allanmjensen76 says:

    bjarne soren eller skulle jeg sige søren skibstedfarm er i danske? kan godt fåstå? i er taget til canada eu papir papir baa griner har selv lige købt lidt jord på philipinerne ik så meget starter småt med en lille ris mark skal jo starte et elle andet sted spare op til en lille traktor nu :..super flot video og held og lykke herfra

  7. nokiddin64 says:

    Good job!? Nice to see home again.

  8. nigmo100 says:

    8:40? backflip 😛 ?

  9. Medysonball says:

    <3 the back flip haha?

  10. Punisher980 says:

    7:47 what is? this “heder” and what doing that?

  11. Punisher980 says:

    Oh,? right! Thanks.

  12. jameswest122 says:

    the artist is listed twice? in the song

  13. lassesimonsen92 says:

    Really good video! Nice to see some Danes at work? 🙂

  14. jameswest122 says:

    awesome ?

  15. jameswest122 says:


  16. Buster Six says:

    where in Canada is this ?

  17. Punisher980 says:

    Anybody knows what is name? of song?

  18. Punisher980 says:

    Are you harvest in the night?? 🙂

  19. jameswest122 says:

    new? one on the way

  20. jameswest122 says:

    Thanks!! ?

  21. jameswest122 says:


  22. jameswest122 says:


  23. jameswest122 says:

    one is in the works ?

  24. jameswest122 says:

    thanks! The Go Pro is a great little only by the laws of physics and your imagination!

  25. movieman695 says:

    Whistler is the place to? be. Always my favorite trip

  26. Caleb Connor Stout says:

    every time i go? there its just flat out amazing

  27. skiingbikingmore says:

    Woah dude! If you are spending that much money, GO CATSKIING ANY WHERE IN BC!! Untouched pow, no crowds, wow! I know Blackcomb is? awesome, but it doesnt beat untouched powder in the backcountry with any cat skiing company. 🙂

  28. TheAndrewjohncook says:

    Try having a fear of flying and having to take? a 3 day bus ride to get there 😉 lol

  29. ilovetyraandnaomi says:

    hey im going there too :D?

  30. 23100Meg says:

    Love Whistler…6th time and still going back..Annoying when you? have to fly 10 hours from Scotland to get there.

  31. FluttershyIsMagic says:

    Cool, “whistler” is named after the blue Pegasus pony? “Wind Whistler” (same blue color as Rainbow Dash), no wonder this place is so awesomely 20% cooler!

  32. Colin Marshall says:

    PLEASE SEARCH ” Today’s The Day? – Coast Kids ” or ” Canadian Classics – Coast Kids ” for some British Columbia Lower Mainland HipHop!!

  33. movieman695 says:

    I’ll be there in about a day. But the anticipation will make it feel like years. ?


    Yeah !!! booked my 2 weeks there for 2013 – with at least? 3 days on a heli!! Ahahahaha…. 😉

  35. pocobird says:

    This looks amazing. Hope to make? those mountains my bitch one day!!!

  36. reljabgd says:

    you live there.. i? hate you 🙂

  37. GamerGirlWtfBbqPwn says:

    Just signed myself up for work in Canada in November? for 6 months! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. SKIFOSHO says:

    1 person had a seizure and accidentally hit? dislike