Canada Day!!!

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30 Responses to “Canada Day!!!”

  1. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Indeed? Jerrod! Stereotyping to me is pretty stupid

  2. OkieMerrod83 says:

    I got a package the other day from a canadian merchant. That was rad getting something from Canada Post. Rock on, Canada. As for the question, as an American I have to deal with the stereotype that i’m fat, lazy, and stupid. Well, okay, I am fat. Touche. But the lazy and stupid part is always frustrating when I see other people from around the world saying all that about us Americans. I do enjoy a burger now and then, but I like to think I have at least a little intelligence in me.?

  3. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Thnx :D?

  4. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Thank you Bridget! IT was a blast! How? about yours?

  5. mouseinsneakers says:


  6. D22Responses says:

    Not? on Sunday. DENIED

  7. wolfbracker says:

    Igloos? and “Aboot” instead of about. Are the ones I hear a lot about canadians. Happy Canada Day!

  8. princesslovesjpop says:

    I have a lot of Canadian subscribers on this channel, not on my main (that’s just a hodgepodge of pervs & freaks, lmao)….but for some reason, the Canadian & British girls love my beauty channel. I love it cause they don’t dislike videos or spread hate like the American girls do! <3 I've never been to Canada or far up north, but a friend who's in love with me wants to move to Alaska. Sounds cold and I bet those vampires from 30 days? of night live there. The vamps in La. are bad enough!

  9. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Yeah eh??

  10. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Come on? oveR! xD

  11. Al Cursi says:

    Happy Canada? Day Dom!
    In response to the question, eh?

  12. TheWoogaknight says:

    Canada rules!!!
    Wish I lived? there ._.

  13. CanadianChief55 says:

    Well, I’ve only ever faced stereotypical views from a certain American that I know. But I don’t? take offense because he’s just jealous we live in an awesome country 😉

  14. CanadianChief55 says:

    Or we can celebrate, Thunderbirds101 style! Take a shot of maple syrup for every year Canada? has existed!

  15. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Thank? you

  16. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    Thank you? Zeavo eh?

  17. Domingo0022IWAY says:

    We? have that

  18. gazzmask94 says:

    i reckon spandy andy could? be the next joker

  19. LJAML722 says:

    it originated? in Uk anyway

  20. brinda08 says:

    *offense. Canadians? are terrible spellers.

  21. Yogiveachance says:

    The same reaoson he made the tpb show.. Money.. money can make u do anytihn u pre much a hoe? in all deze ways

  22. Oasys18 says:

    Probably because he’s paid to..?

  23. miraclekikirox says:

    there is wipeout canada??

  24. smalltownproductionz says:

    Somebody feels a little emasculated? by spandy andy!

  25. FringieVids says:


  26. sparrow5469 says:

    Actually Spandy has told a bunch? of people that hes 100% Alberta Beef

  27. Wbro25 says:


  28. mg794613 says:

    J Roc? is just jealous

  29. cassandravictoria mariehayes says:

    canada doesent steal it there just giving canadians a chance to be on a show. do you think we? like it when u say we talk like farmers… only the farmers talk like farmers. no affence.

  30. TheLiamsmid says:

    I luv u , u r the? funniest guy i have ever watched and i think you are insirational