The first instalment of our BC adventures. in which we go to British Columbia, meet and greets with our peeps, chill up in a condo, and eat a lot of home backed cakes. Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE! MAIN CHANNEL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Others in this Vlog:

Off the new album!!!

23 Responses to “CAKES AND GREETS. (BC vlog 1)”

  1. simmydhandal says:

    It’s Kinda? Awkward to see Rupan not as your Mom :/


    jus and rupan getting all the fuddi..thank god they? left bc

  3. ishajeet says:

    Rupan Bal<333333 & i looove the song, Jatti? by; Punjabi MC(:

  4. SgtIndersingh says:

    lol baba? ganesh

  5. BrideWithABlackVeil says:

    OMG THEY WERE? LISTENING TO THE WEEKND AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES MY FAVORITE SINGER. Wow so many respect points

  6. ahaoyes says:

    omg me too?

  7. MegaDreamgirl26 says:

    Rupan I love? you :*

  8. sikhjokes says:

    Never mind? shes the wrong girl

  9. sikhjokes says:

    Whats up with the singing in the store, i think that shit was awkward. I probably wouldnt know how to respond to that if i was there.? The girl on the right was hot tho

  10. sikhjokes says:

    Rupan is ma? man

  11. Burefan101 says:

    pugh man my house was soo close by and? i no come cuz of kirtan man

  12. ramshamuzaffer26 says:

    Luv it?

  13. Tyncidog says:

    Lol Jus thats where i was? sitting in the limo when i went to prom and umm i had fun 😉

  14. TheKitipiti says:

    Rupan’s got a pet word ‘I DON’T KNOW’ he feel shy interacting ppl or may b doesn’t know? much english…. no offence

  15. ThePdawg666 says:

    Wats the name of the song in the? background in 420

  16. I69ize says:

    were did chaz get a glow in the dark pagh?

  17. KnownforCamping says:

    shyt my mum was like what is the bloody? rush
    5 weeks later:FML

  18. unnisa25 says:

    Omg, Monica? Deol!!! I’ve always wondered where she disappeared to!

  19. LunaMaria92 says:

    come to surrey?

  20. TheMeanmug24 says:

    hey wheres your? moms house

  21. sarthaksexy says:

    NO? WAY! You guys went to every place that I went to when I was there!!! Original Joes!!! 😀

  22. tajbir1 says:

    Yoo JuReign come up? her to Ger many

  23. TheSteely16 says:

    Crap, your right. Posted a the wrong vid, I’ll fix it…?