B’z – Original song of Into Free – Dangan – (English & Japanese Lyrics)

?LIVE-GYM 2012 – Into Free -? 9/17(Mon) The Warfield ?San Francisco , CA? 9/19(Wed) The Showbox SODO ?Seattle , WA? 9/20(Thu) Orpheum Theatre?Vancouver , BC? 9/26(Wed) Sound Academy?Toronto , ON? 9/28(Fri) The Fillmore?Silver Spring, MD? 9/30(Sun) Best Buy Theater?New York , NY? 10/7(Sun) Gibson Amphitheatre?Los Angeles , CA? www.ticketmaster.com B’z – Samayoeru Aoi Dangan (Original song of Into Free – Dangan – ) Billy’s website ?www.billysheehan.com Billy Sheehan & Pat Torpey with B’z ?www.youtube.com Eric Martin with Tak Matsumoto ?www.youtube.com

24 Responses to “B’z – Original song of Into Free – Dangan – (English & Japanese Lyrics)”

  1. Alice Swicker says:

    He has often fallen from the stage? at the live show. 😉

  2. DattebayoXD says:

    That sudden moment when? Koshi almost falls down x’D


    Yes,? and they liked it.

  4. zim831 says:

    I agree with the sentiment, but please, don’t remind me of his existence,? I try to forget because it makes my brain hurt.

  5. Alice Swicker says:

    I think you don’t need to refer to JB, but? if you want to beat him on number of views, you should share? this on Facebook and Twitter. 😀

  6. PiscesAustrinus says:

    just before? i forget check the english vertion of the song its a nice song to =3

  7. Alice Swicker says:

    Thanks for the hint without spoiling? it. ^^)b Look forward to finding that!!

  8. PiscesAustrinus says:

    mmmm…how can i say it without spoiling it….the best way its just finish the game then imediatly listen? to this song and above all check the lyrics…i tink when you do that you will get what im saying hope it helps =P

  9. Alice Swicker says:

    some? clues in this song, right?

  10. Alice Swicker says:

    Because Koshi (vocal) changed? the lyrics to fit to the world-view of DD. I feel empathy with the original lyric better than english one. He is one of the great lyricists.

  11. NegativeNanase says:

    Why are the lyrics nearly completely different from the English? only version? LOL

  12. Alice Swicker says:

    Thanks! I found them on YouTube. When the movie started, I was trying to find something good to me but… failed…XD. Too fast? drum beats made me get nervous. But I didn’t mute the sound until the end. 🙂 I prefer the metal music “Devil Never Cry” @DMC 3. This is perfect!!

  13. Dervanon says:

    hoestly i dont care if you dont like death metal xDDDDDD
    just kidding, but listen to norther, they are a really nice melodeath metal band, songs like we rock or mirror of madness are awesome. just give it a try and tell me? what you think 🙂

  14. shiniritchy says:


  15. Alice Swicker says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    Honestly I don’t care you don’t like this song because your uploaded movie doesn’t meet my taste at all. But I feel sorry that you had to mute every time at DD main menu. This song to you must be like? the death metal song to me. 😀

  16. pattkw says:

    I dont like the song at? all. Can’t believe so many ppl come to the show… Opening song for DD? nah, it’s so annoying that i had to mute my tv before load screen start.

  17. PiscesAustrinus says:

    i still tink that altought at first sight “Into free” doesnt suit dragons dogma in the end when you have beat it i feel it? actually fits a lot…not going to spoil the game but personally talking about…i found it like the cherry on the cake with the ending

  18. MrGarry2uPSN says:

    It’s crazy in the Dragon’s Dogma game because it doesn’t? suit the game genre, but it’s amazing for some reason.

  19. kakaisawesome says:

    another song famous because of a video game? 🙂

  20. dragonred4000 says:

    also this is live so it sounds? a bit worse, i like both

  21. dragonred4000 says:

    they call? it holy water

  22. Valkeryie666 says:

    so badass?

  23. MrTarepanda200x says:


  24. dodonpachiify says:

    dragon spit