Bus ride in the Great City of Vancouver BC., Canada. No video, just sound. Have

This is a conversation between the bus driver and a very strange woman who got in the bus downtown and kept talking to the bus driver and she never stopped until she got off. Bus driver kept talking to her while driving his bus. This is Vancouver, BC for you. No picture, just sound in this because of privacy.
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Follow us @ twitter.com twitter.com Welcome to Capital Account. The Federal Reserve is moving closer to action…again. This, according to the Wall Street Journal, which reports that recent disappointing economic news has turned conversations inside the central bank towards the question of how and when to act. But is the Fed the only one worried about “how and when to act?” What should the average investor do in the case of inflation, price manipulation and financial fraud? We talk to Brad Farquhar, Co-Founder & Vice-President of Assiniboia Capital, about farmland as possible hedge against the fat-tail apocalypse… And Timothy Geithner was on Capitol Hill today answering questions about his reaction to finding out about the manipulation of Libor in 2008. Though he alerted UK authorities, he told Congress ultimately, he thought it was the responsibility of UK regulators to address Libor manipulation issues. Meanwhile, Bank of England officials reportedly raised concerns internally about the London Whale in 2010…after all it was the responsibility of US regulators to handle JP Morgan. Back and forth we go. Are you as sick of this as we are, but not sure what to do about it or who to react in order to protect yourself? We will talk about farmland as a way out with Brad Farquhar, manager of the largest farmland fund in Canada. And with Agora’s 2012 “Innovate or Die Conference” in the middle of its annual retreat to Vancouver, our producer Demetri Kofinas gives us an update

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  1. brown55061 says:

    You guys seem to have a lot of? fun with this show. That shows on our end and it makes it enjoyable to watch and learn. Thanks for Capital Account RT!!

    Okay kids, who wants to put all our money together and buy a farm? Any takers?? If nothing else, I plan on researching Brad’s fund and possibly investing in that.

  2. OnceUponASpace says:

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has said the Senate will not consider the bill, effectively killing its chances? of becoming law.”

    Surprise surprise. Ok so it was just a publicity stunt to make it look like congress gives a shit and it’s never going to get any traction. Stupid Me.

    Ok, sorry for the interruption, move along, nothing to see here.

  3. MinchoffGomorkovsky says:

    I bought a small farm of 25 acres with a stream and meadow back in 1998 as insurance that I would be? able to at least feed myself and family no matter what. I rent out the tillable land (about 18 acres) for about $500/year and pay about $2,000 / year in real estate tax. So overall the property costs me $1,500/year. I regard the place as a hobby and economic disaster insurance. My biggest concern is the future of real estate taxes as government here is fiscally bankrupt.

  4. OnceUponASpace says:

    Breaking News! Congress just passed Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed! Let’s see how the Senate, the Whitehouse and Wallstreet try to sabotage this by watering it down, vetoing it, spinning it away, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the “national security” card played.

    Let’s hope it turns into action, imagine the world discovering they are technically insolvent! Do it, and let the cards fall where? they may!

    Sorry guys, I know that was a bit off-topic, but that’s gotta be newsworthy, right?

  5. MidasTitus says:

    This Reuters article echoes some of the? things you talked about Lauren. Sioux County is my hometown and I currently work there:

  6. Crashbanksbuysilver says:

    She? is sooo yummy, and its a great show:)

  7. ColdWarWarriors says:

    Lauren, another great show and keep up the good work, but? in the words of Obama, “you didn’t build that, someone else did!!”

  8. wobbler1972 says:

    Farming seems to be very economically irrational at the moment and completely at the behest of government subsidies. We have orange farmers in Australia that have just thrown out their best crops in years because its? cheaper to import concentrate than to process the fresh oranges.

  9. Mechyuda says:

    Another great show hosted by the lovely & insightful Lauren Lyster.

    Hopefully, the beautiful? & tech-savvy Shannon Donohoe will appear on Thursday or Friday.

  10. bammbamm12 says:


  11. coalitionsilver says:

    farm land nice but costs? property taxes….farm equipment….labor….and if buying the land/equipment with debt you owe interest;? unless got in on the land low and or family you need allot of money/debt for farming return

  12. bammbamm12 says:

    Definitely. When they talk about vehicles it’s power stroke, 550,? 4×4, duelly, etc., not dashboard and sunroof.

  13. bammbamm12 says:

    Great? guest – very informative, and thankfully, light on the sales pitching. This is worth a rewind and review.

  14. Obama WarCriminal says:

    911 WAS? A MOSSAD JOB.

  15. gerryhiles1 says:

    Off topic? Not? really.

    I’ve read that YouTube wants to make it necessary for commentators to use their real names.

    Good idea. Maybe it’d stop the likes of cds509 from posting such as, “wana? know what her major issue is.”

    If he had to put his name to that comment, then he might think twice and self-censor … along with all the rest who distract from substance.

    OK I am on a bit of a crusade to get rid of useless idiots in RT generally.

    Bottom line: put your name to your opinion.

  16. gerryhiles1 says:

    Mind your own business and locate your brain someplace other than your groin.

    No secret what your major? issue is.

  17. gerryhiles1 says:

    Good to see Demetri getting? acknowledgement.

  18. tripzero0 says:

    I farm gold diablo? III

  19. gerryhiles1 says:

    How about interviewing an actual farmer, rather than a financialist.

    Probably hard to find an actual farmer with sufficient time on his hands? do interviews … btw though I have never owned a farm, I have worked on dairy, sheep and pig farms; so I am informed … far more than this financialist trying to make big bucks out of a real life “Farmville”.

  20. cds509 says:

    Bet shes got major baggage though.? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And Lauren definitely looks too good to be true. Sexy, smart, confident. I wana know what her major issue is.