Bridesmaids megan cruise ship

funny clip of Melissa McCarthy “megan” in the movie “Bridesmaids
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Bridesmaids megan cruise ship”

  1. rapturesgtleathal says:

    I love her so much!! She’s so cute and? hilarious!!

  2. Angrey Bird says:

    Broke alot? shit ! Bahaha

  3. webusch3 says:

    I’m glad? he’s single, cause I’m gonna climb that like a tree.. LOL

  4. MonacoLouise says:

    “I kinda pin-balled? down there, hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of shit”

  5. dnlgberry says:

    Only? funny character in this shitfest of a movie. But yeah she was tops.

  6. kickyabutt says:

    haha her face when she says “broke a lot of shit” is the best thing ever?

  7. snowburton25 says:

    these damn subtitles are completely wrong…? stop youtube

  8. Bianca12Leigh says:

    “I’m not gonna say? I survived…I’m gonna say I thrived”

  9. 23noahsark says:

    ” Yeah oh Shit… YEAH OH SHIT!” … “Hit alot of railings broke? alot of Shit! ” lmfao

  10. josoccer96 says:

    love how there? is an add for a cruise ship in the video hahaha

  11. mvnftw says:

    climb that like a tree … bit racism going? on there but hey racism is fun HAHA 😀

  12. TheOfficialSlendyDub says:

    A dolphin once looked into? my soul too… But instead of trying to save me, he told me I should bite his fin. Not with his mouth though, telepathically, I assume.

  13. purplecrEditcarD says:

    i had to pause the movie from seeing this because i was just? laughing soo hard

  14. sthoke21 says:

    “I’m assuming telepathically.” what’s so awesome is that isn’t even the funniest part of the movie. [: love this movie so much!!?