BOB GELDOF and THE BOOMTOWN RATS-I dont like Mondays

BOB GELDOF and THE BOOMTOWN RATS-I dont like Mondays

Geldof was born Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof in DĂșn Laoghaire, County Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, to parents of Catholic extraction. He attended Blackrock College, near Dublin, a school whose staunch Catholic nationalist ethos he disliked. After work as a slaughterman, road navvy and pea canner, he started as a music journalist in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for the weekly publication Georgia Straight. Upon returning to Ireland in 1975, he became the lead singer of the band The Boomtown Rats, a rock group closely linked with the punk movement.In 1978, The Boomtown Rats had their first No. 1 single in the UK with “Rat Trap”, which was the first New Wave chart-topper in that country. In 1979, the group shot to international fame with their second UK No. 1, “I Don’t Like Mondays”.[2] This was equally successful, as well as controversial; Geldof wrote it in the aftermath of Brenda Ann Spencer’s attempted massacre at an elementary school across the street from her house in San Diego, California, at the beginning of 1979.

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  1. MrYantommy says:

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  2. defrancotv says:

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  3. Aqua8519 says:

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  4. naruto fan says:

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  5. naruto fan says:

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  6. Liam Shelmerdine says:

    Could? be worse, he could be Bono.

  7. lavigneeric says:

    Christ sakes… you obvisouly don’t know anything about this guy. This guy is a Musical and Political Icon. Sure, the guy doesn’t sing like Freddie Mercury, Stevie Wonder, or any of those awesome singers back in the day, but he made a HUGE impact in the World and still does. He spent his whole life in Helping this world, and still does. Bob Geldof is? a Millions time more worthy to this world, then those Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, PitBull, and the whole Pop-Music all put together!

  8. stephenmaguire80 says:

    Holy shit these guys are shit?

  9. ynotlaz says:

    you’re? a bloody fool

  10. ynotlaz says:

    Bob geldof has done more good for this world than any of you talentless trolls will ever do. Oh? yeah and he did reunite the greatest band in the history of the planet

  11. TheJanaKristina says:

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  12. ts4437 says:

    The worlds least talented person? huh…….. Tell me, what do you do for a living? Complain about other people?

  13. Hans-Joachim Frank says:

    is is the best…?