black and white super 8 music film for BLACK MOUNTAIN “SET US FREE” by Lyndsay Sung. Shot in Vancouver, BC. Locations: Pat’s Pub, Downtown Eastside, Strathcona, East Vancouver.

Nardwuar vs. Joanna Newsom

Nardwuar interviews Joanna Newsom backstage at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

37 Responses to “BLACK MOUNTAIN “SET US FREE””

  1. ndegigli says:

    from Italy

  2. makokan2000 says:

    the american indians would agree and did we add anything? to them as cultures collided

  3. sessahme says:

    I know you think? I’m crazy. typo, I meant with out the “and”.

  4. sessahme says:

    typo, I meant “cultural revolution” with the “and”.?

  5. sessahme says:

    You mean like Justin Bieber? Just kiddin’. America has the habit of loosing touch with what is really right in the world. ? But I think we eventually come back to our senses. I mean the whole cultural and revolution of the 60s was an example of such an awakening. Hopefully americans will WAKE UP SOON!!!!

  6. Brerenee23 says:

    Dude, every country has it’s problems. Period. You make it sound like a absolutely horrid place and in all actuality it’s not. I get where your coming from .. but that’s not? even close to all that America is.

  7. zach1027 says:

    Hey look, another dumbass

  8. Jethromcsheepherder says:

    That is partly true. But until sites like youtube came where people could share all the music, it was getting harder and harder to find good music that was pure. The corporations that own the music labels caused this void. They spoon fed us ear candy and told us? to like it. It didn’t work. So, I, and many others, became jaded. In the past 10 years, I have seen that the movement towards good music didn’t die, it just went underground…reformed..renewed..and now its ROCK!

  9. pIatinger says:

    I like your music, guys, and thank you for? it. Greetings and all the best wishes grom Germany.

  10. MSYNGWIE12 says:

    Hi I am a Canadian and I am so happy you feel the way you do. I am not into flag waving but I have always believed Canada is the best country in the world. I used to volunteer at the local food bank- I was born in Alberta and have lived in Vancouver (marvelous) but now reside in crappy old Hamilton Ont- well it IS near Toronto- people from all over the globe, some of whom had stayed awhile in the States ended up here for a good reason or two or? three.

  11. seanyboy69 says:

    well done so opening up? to the world, takes guts that!

  12. etola92 says:

    so? gay

  13. justinfilipov says:

    I’m? human.

  14. Enlitner says:

    wow! there is some psychedalic music I only really like while high but this band and especially this song and tyrants give me the same fuzzy feeling while sitting at work doing some boring shit. I felt depressed but this music makes me wise up. As long I get to listen to good music, got a dry roof? and dont have to go hungry, who am I to complain about something others would be glad about. Yes the world is crap but it could be worse and there is still beauty around like this music..

  15. Crunchyadventure says:

    Weed is hardly legalized around these parts. It’s not as harshly criminalized in America but still isn’t a guilt free substance like alcohol.
    Heavy fines are quickly dispatched to those who happen? to be found ‘guilty’ of possession.

  16. Crunchyadventure says:

    Weed is hardly legalized around these parts. It’s not as harshly? criminalized in America but still isn’t a guilt free substance like alcohol.
    Heavy fines are quickly dispatched to those who happen to be found ‘guilty’ of possession.

  17. santashelpa says:


  18. SammiSeverity says:

    wow! i’ve just been? set free.

  19. warlordzephyr says:

    If you like? this, check out a japanese band called White Heaven

  20. jmpiork says:

    Not a bad looking woman.?

  21. Nigelxman says:

    Why does everyone think this chick is? so brilliant?

  22. lucidmind321 says:

    such a? sexy hippie

  23. SharpChurR0 says:

    she’s? pretty hot

  24. xXBlackxRebelXx says:

    I know? rite

  25. design0flaw says:

    I’d listen to her? talk to a rock.

  26. drumtravelfun says:

    Amen. ?

  27. mahglazzies says:

    That was hilarious. Loved? it.

  28. captainironears says:

    HAHAHAHAH? this freakin’ interviewer

  29. Lastscionz says:

    5:58 What we all came to hear.

  30. nilbog44 says:


  31. dragonflyshards says:

    You mean YOU? ? …Someone will.

  32. maquon says:

    there? is something so hot about her.

  33. Zachdudeio2 says:

    this chic? comes off dumb

  34. fastrnb says:

    She’s obviously having fun.?

  35. moonbearsandunicorns says:

    i feel? like this interviewer has a special way of making people uncomfortable…

  36. mosserZslayer14 says:

    He gives them all of those things, they’re all? gifts for them.

  37. Konstiin says:

    nardwuar is? truly amazing. I love the look on her face when he called her out for stealing lyrics.