Billy Talent Tour Diary Winnipeg Vancouver and Victoria Go to that link and register. YOU CAN WIN FREE STUFF! All you have to do is search, like google, in fact in runs on google, and when you search you win free stuff! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO REFERRALS. Just search! Give it a try, I’ve already got some free stuff! Much Music follows billy talent as they embark on their 2007 canadian tour.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Billy Talent Tour Diary Winnipeg Vancouver and Victoria”

  1. ThePunkPhantom says:

    rise against niiiiiiice?

  2. InternetTrollization says:

    Canadians which like Ham,? are more Canadian as other Canadians!

  3. LeoKowalewicz says:

    COOL BUS !!! Haha , and they are so funny. I love? Billy Talent , best band forever ?

  4. sammybillytalent says:

    Ben is so? sexy

  5. TheKinuskikissa says:

    “Their? so canadians” ? Is the other anadians not so canadians as they are?

  6. dumamai2020 says:

    check? this blog? out you will see 1 once in your life free money free stuff and fun %100 free? no catch !!!!


  7. furpaproductions says:

    the starting show in this tour(in? victoria) was my first concert ever! i was 9…

  8. KhtElektra says:

    Me neither :))?

  9. Kalyani671 says:

    Sorry, I can’t hold my laugh >.< ?

  10. draykon101 says:

    Ben is soo? lol funny

  11. Winterrose09 says:

    Always do the idiot check :D?

  12. needforspore says:

    Ben: ” I’ve? worked so many shit jobs in my life!” lol