Bill Cosby Stand Up Show Vancouver BC Jan 11 2008

Stand Up
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21 Responses to “Bill Cosby Stand Up Show Vancouver BC Jan 11 2008”

  1. wassihoun says:

    why are you talking about color …? why can t you just say that he is funny?

  2. kickerpunter says:

    I’m so happy I got the chance to see him in concert last night 🙂 I can die happy now!?

  3. IgnorantInternetter says:

    is that the real bill Cosaby?

  4. zlzFUNNYMANzlz says:

    he? wearing Crops lol

  5. Ginteru says:

    I remember watching Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids, at that time I didn’t? even notice them being black. Racism is overrated.

  6. 1niftyjay says:

    Race isn’t that important. One song? on the old fat albert cartoon talks about one world with one type of people the human race. I probably don’t think about my color for weeks on end (unless I go outside. I’m the kind of guy that could get sunburned with a candle.) We need to get over our obsession with race.

  7. pigplind says:

    your a walking paradoxon? sir^^

  8. eimb1999 says:

    : I’d rather celebrate freedom. What little? is left.

  9. GUSRULZ445 says:

    hes wearing crocs. what has been? seen…

  10. AshleyBananas93 says:

    God I love this man haha? 🙂

  11. IndianDesi7ty says:

    Why make a point out of? the fact that you’re white? Of course it crossed your mind, we are all the same species with different color, and acknowledging but still accepting is what should be our goal. Celebrate the diversity. Respect each individual equally.

  12. Pistolero24 says:

    The hardest form of comedy is paradoxically the simplest. Simple observation of our daily routines, verbal? tics, manners, attitudes…which is the manifestation of the inherent humour of human life.

  13. shmookins says:

    He’s looks like Jesus bringing laughter in this clip.
    One of the legends? of comedy. 🙂

  14. hegy1993 says:

    genious, he sit always anf? hes voice…

  15. Axgoodofdunemaul says:

    Yes, and? this is what Bill Cosby did for our country. God bless him, an immortal, great American.

  16. D22Responses says:

    Greatest of? all time.

  17. michealjacksonfan21 says:

    I know about what? happened to MJ in 2005 but what haappened to Bill?

  18. SouthwesternEagle says:

    Sorry to reply over a year late, but I was on the subject. Bill Cosby IS like Michael Jackson. He loves kids, and he loves to teach, and even has a few musical albums of his own. :3

    But unfortunately, Bill Cosby also got a taste of what it is like to be Michael Jackson. Remember the scandals that broke out in? February 2005 with those stupid child sexual allegations? Bill Cosby was hit just like MJ. It ain’t easy being the best. =(

  19. fordwheeler says:

    He is 73 actually. He isn’t that old. Still funny as hell too.?

  20. xCOMPETITIONx says:


  21. Ace22257 says:

    Bill Cosby is the King of standup comedy. I grew up watching this hilarious man on TV. What made him a great comic, not only being funny…but he? could be funny without using foul language unlike many of the younger comedians of today.