Best Marriage Proposal: Air Traffic Controller proposes on the Air

An air traffic controller at Vancouver’s international airport proposes to his girlfriend who is on board an arriving plane. If you’re looking for a way to propose this might not suite you unless you’re an air traffic controller, but it’s still a fun video to watch.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 Responses to “Best Marriage Proposal: Air Traffic Controller proposes on the Air”

  1. goodness2010 says:


  2. DvltC says:

    He’s from? Canada eh!

  3. Adam Roper says:

    Why didn’t the pilots? say, ‘She said no’?

  4. ZainaWalkingTheLine says:

    I wanna see them i wanna see them
    Pic plz…
    Or t didn’t happen? 😛

  5. Spacefrog76 says:

    Awww. <3 He? was so nervous he could barely speak! So sweet! And good on the pilots for helping him out. 🙂

  6. YellaStarsa says:

    d’aww.^_^ How sweet! Follow up? ;D? How’s the couple doing? today?

  7. Dhruv Dev says:

    he said air canada…? he would know

  8. californianights says:

    AC187…Air India!?! I been to that flight? many times.

  9. blackdog0301 says:

    After the controller leaves, I can see Alaska 685? sitting on the taxiway waiting to taxi to the gate and their like WTF?!?!?! You forgot us again!

  10. whitefang938 says:

    is it just me, or did that stall warning go off when the pilot said the whole aircraft was shaking?! LOL? xD

  11. ImRatherTall says:

    which was on? the apron.

  12. mlowe826 says:

    I can’t believe 45 people actually liked the “stall warning” comment. Obviously those 45 people couldn’t figure out that the aircraft was already safe on deck and taxiing to it’s gate.?

    Anyways, this is one amazing proposal.

  13. antibulletdodger101 says:

    lol dude,? just lol

  14. JYleung22 says:

    or africa?

  15. corunnaskater95 says:

    this is what the streets of detroit looked? like today! hahah

  16. vampirefirex says:

    Yo thanks for the props. My name? is Alex.
    Just found this video, Wow what a day.
    Peace. B)

  17. vampirefirex says:

    Yo thanks for the props. My name is Alex.
    Just found this video, Wow what a? day.
    Peace. B)

  18. ScagAteHer says:

    first? song?

  19. medfordORlightning says:

    Why were you late today? Sir, I was literally surrounded by 1,000 wheelie boarding hooligans! Well since you refereed to skaters as that you are fired, and not because you? were late..

  20. lewz2596 says:


  21. JustJoNiI3acK says:

    1:11 RESPECT ! ?

  22. HappyFamilyPlan says:


  23. CofiiEditions says:


  24. MrBeos2 says:

    Thats? so maddafukkin many skaters lol!

  25. gawdiam says:

    1:56 Kostons? long lost son

  26. hennners09 says:

    1:45 lol

  27. Lukamusic81 says:

    I love skateboarding and watching? it, I just hate the crappy punk music that is affiliated with it

  28. Enjoiskater266 says:

    1:46 hahahah god damn! made me proud to be? a skateboarder