Best DOG show EVER! at the PNE

Best dog show ever, at PNE in vancouver 2008. Brazilian guy, Dante and his border Collie in this amazing performance.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Best DOG show EVER! at the PNE”

  1. Lana Klein says:

    i need ca. 2 jears to train with my dog all these thingst but? I don´t have trained everyday with my dog, only 2 hours a week!

  2. jelasok says:


  3. coloredrose1988 says:

    I am going to send you? a private message!

  4. tadbubs says:

    Thanks. is there a recommended book or DVD? title?
    what source did you use?

  5. coloredrose1988 says:

    just wanted to tell you it is possible to teach a schnauzer dog alot like tricks in this video. check out? positive training with clicker 😉

  6. Thepremiumagent says:

    i saw? more smarter border collie than this

  7. angelupdates says:

    it can be taught to any dog if you put the? time and effet in it:)

  8. eluvaitie says:

    i am teaching my dog dancing too.. i hope she will be as great as? this dog 🙂

  9. toadette161 says:

    That is so cool!
    I wish my dog can? do that!

  10. paulo costa says:

    Dante is the guy in the video, not me :)?

  11. westie956 says:

    @tadbubs Canine Freestyle is a great sport to get into with your dog! Most of the basic moves evolve from heeling patterns. So I suggest getting?? your dog into basic obedience classes first. Not only will your dog get heeling down, but you will become a team, moving as one. Then, start teaching him some dance moves! 😉 Join a local canine freestyle club or watch online tutorials. And yes any dog can do canine freestyle! I’ve seen everything from scotties to great danes.

  12. tadbubs says:

    Hi Dante,
    How much do you charge to learn how to do this?
    Can? it be taught to miniture Shnauzers?

  13. ozpawfx says:

    Great performance and training.

  14. DarkusCollectoroid says:

    hmmm try paw and other paw or if different colered paws you could do black paw and white paw i used to do that with my old bc now i do other paw with my puppy one cause her paws are both white how we taught my dog to do paw is to hold out your hand almost if to shake there hand or paw and then hold your hand above there reach with a treat in it if they paw up and it say paw and give them the treat after paw you can do high five which is basicly the same thing but? with the pawup

  15. runescape1212100 says:

    my puppy boxer needs to learn a good trick for? puppy school. anyone have suggestions?

  16. tophrules101 says:

    this? is amazing!!!!!

  17. renatoschulz says:

    Lindo Dante!!! Parabéns!!!?

  18. anim0fan67 says:

    stay? alive border collie !!

  19. FurryFashionista says:

    These two are great. Very? fun to watch!

  20. Traveling Song says:

    Wizbang?! What? an awesome dog name!

  21. starryeyedlala says:

    I saw this yester but he? they danced to
    He’s the greatest dancer