Ben Harper – Spilling Faith (2012 Summer Tour Rehearsal live at the Machine Shop)

Ben Harper 2012 Summer Tour: 06.30.12 Santa Barbara, CA 07.01.12 Hollywood, CA 07.03.12 Jacksonville, OR 07.04.12 Vancouver, Canada 07.05.12 Troutdale, OR 07.07.12 Quincy, CA 07.17.12 Lyon, France 07.18.12 Vigevano, Italy 07.20.12 Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy 07.22.12 Imola, Italy 07.23.12…
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15 Responses to “Ben Harper – Spilling Faith (2012 Summer Tour Rehearsal live at the Machine Shop)”

  1. Stu411 says:

    Nice 360? flip 😀

  2. g04v3988 says:

    Please tour south africa Ben! you? are an inspiration!

  3. LeVan4President says:


  4. elsavoyages says:

    All right Mr Ben Harper ….quel talent, vivement quon? te revoie en FRANCE!!

  5. jackharper24 says:

    there are musicians and then there is Mr Ben Harper…?

  6. batsir76 says:

    goog one!


  7. Hamilton Mastodon says:

    muito? bommmmmmmm!

  8. vipelere says:

    Brilliant as usual?

  9. miriamsamuele says:

    TUTTI A VIGEVANO mer 18 prossimo…ale?

  10. starrpirate says:

    Going tomorrow! July 1st! I can’t wait! I hope for mostly Ben Harper & Ben Harper and the innocent criminals!?

  11. coldtoolcold says:

    Have to work going to miss both Oregon shows.? Please come back soon. Thanks -Ray

  12. generationsackcloth says:

    lacks soulfulness, honestly. i really liked the trio of female backup singers, but i understand that you? have to be a man, sometimes and skateboard

  13. funghighlsd25records says:

    mister miste..r does anybody really know? what time it is ??

  14. FireSauss says:

    Sweet………love the tune.?

  15. postillas says:

    pure? class!