Behind the Crest: Every Minute Matters [WNT: Series 2, Ep. 4]

The US WNT has qualified for the Olympics but the work isn’t finished at CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying in Vancouver. “Behind the Crest” wraps up its run in Canada with a glimpse at the team’s preparations for a final showdown with the hosts and a look toward the next six months with London on the horizon.
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BC Place Stadium: Eat Vancouver-An International Food Expo! (HD)

Some scenes from Saturday June 2, 2012 and the International Food Expo we call “Eat Vancouver!” , shot here under the new retractable BC Place Stadium roof. Food, beverages and all things related are displayed, promoted and offered here under one BIG roof every year here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

25 Responses to “Behind the Crest: Every Minute Matters [WNT: Series 2, Ep. 4]”

  1. juliana13261 says:

    Where’s? episode #5?

  2. hollisterpeace100 says:

    Pia looks like a? super chill coach!

  3. grkchick says:

    @ussoccerdotcom please promise us fans that you will continue to do the “Behind the Crest” videos for the WNT when the Olympics come around. They really mean a? lot to us fans!

  4. juki0h says:

    can someone tell me? where i can find all the songs used in making these videos?

  5. GymnasticsFan1144 says:


  6. oldskooldoritos says:

    i’m jealous? of that masseuse

  7. ILiebeKriegs11 says:

    Pinoe & Pia being so adorable? at 5:53.

  8. K8Quiseng says:

    pia? is adorable. lol

  9. MsRonaldovanPersie says:

    playing for kriegs 3?

  10. housecry says:

    I need a massage.? 🙁

  11. tobinheath1278 says:

    and i FINALLY? get to see Tobin!!!!!! 😀

  12. mileyfan7874 says:


  13. ussoccerdotcom says:

    Hey, all of? the music in our videos is from a production music library. Thanks for watching!

  14. ussoccerdotcom says:

    Hey, all of the music in? our videos is from a production music library. Thanks for watching!

  15. iSwifty33 says:

    their manager reminds me of arsene wenger for? some reason abby is a boss forward

  16. 01793pop says:

    Tobes!!! :D?

  17. sportschic012 says:


  18. ArinRyu says:

    I love Pia’s attitude and energy.? Love the chemistry and the team bonding. Love everything about the WNT.. <3

  19. JamesBrianBuchanan says:

    Carli is so? HOT!

  20. Hagar1980 says:

    @JohannaHerman yes you are right!! Didn’t even? see that one. Good eye.

  21. bluesharp59 says:

    Now i have the Munchies? LOL!

  22. bluesharp59 says:

    I use my cell phone a lot because speak to text works great . I just hope you got all the? messages on the videos ! I left a good message for you on my latest video you see it ? Smoking a cigarette right now ! I’m going for 10 minutes if not I’ll see you later .

  23. Linescrew1 says:

    Hey, thanks for watching my documentary. I wish I had the time,money and effort to? have done it better, but the message is: the middle class is dying. It’s getting late here, too. gotta hit the hay! Cheers from Vancouver my friend…

  24. bluesharp59 says:

    My bad , the comment was in your reply on? my video ! See what drinking and cell phones do not mix lol . I’m calling it a night , very tired take care Andrew !

  25. bluesharp59 says:

    Hey? dude , i left a few comments where where did they go ? Stupid cell phone !