BC 99 North, Sea-to-Sky Highway, North Vancouver To Squamish

This video follows BC 99 North, from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish. Provides footage of the first segment of the world-famous Sea-to-Sky Highway, and details some of the significant improvements that the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation have conducted in recent years for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

21 Responses to “BC 99 North, Sea-to-Sky Highway, North Vancouver To Squamish”

  1. elhion says:

    oh ok, i like united states too, you get really nice road there with the good cars ;). the only beautiful roads I drove in France are the Pyrenees, the Alps? and the west coast.

  2. FreewayBrent says:

    Thanks! I’m actually planning? on re-recording this with a better camcorder and much improved editing, pretty soon. Stay tuned..

  3. FreewayBrent says:

    I’m actually from the United States, but I’m no more than a 16 hour drive from Canada. Filmed this in my own car.? 🙂

  4. googiespage says:

    This is actually West? Vancouver to Squamish. The start is hwy 1 and BC 99

  5. elhion says:

    ouah, i wanna drive there !! that change of France with our little roads , little cars… i like your country!? nice video 😉

  6. khunopie says:

    That was great! The combination of high speed and twisty roads caused? me to spill my Venti Starbucks all over your front seat at around the 4 minute mark. Here’s 20 Youtube dollars to cover the cleanup. No hard feelings

  7. GYOUY says:

    Beautiful scenary and beautiful? music throughout the journey so just LOVED THE RIDE 🙂 thanks alot mate!

  8. CarMeLissa10 says:

    Thanks! What a wonderful ride that was, The landscapes were beautiful…? & So, was the music. Love love love going to check out the rest of your videos(especially Canada ones). I will sub…

  9. mac3ron1 says:

    hahaha the blue mustang almost? got creamed by you brent. u better slow down, i think u might be doing like 250kh

  10. abysmalatrocious says:

    Brent, do you have any videos? heading West out of Kelowna, and/or West into Vancouver BC?

  11. Yoshirocks66 says:


  12. ExtremeCoastalHiker2 says:

    Brent – may I suggest you head south of the border and do the Rumarosa Highway between Tecate and? Mexicali.

  13. denelson83 says:

    Exit 3 is actually? a left-side exit.

  14. MrZulu2065 says:


  15. FreewayBrent says:

    @MrZulu2065: ? I agree, it’s not *the* most scenic ride (my personal favorite is the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier Nat’l Park), but you’ll very hard pressed to find a freeway more scenic than this. Perhaps I-70 through Colorado, Trans-Canada 1 approaching the Canadian Rockies, or I-80 over the Sierra Nevada can definitely take the title of most scenic freeways, but I suppose it all comes down to personal preference. Thanks for watching!

  16. MrZulu2065 says:

    I like the video but I disagree that this is the most scenic drive in North America.? You should have took this video in the spring on a sunny partially cloudy day. Not some depressing and ugly winter day. But even in the Spring, it isn’t the most scenic. It’s on the list of most scenic.

  17. MrZulu2065 says:

    Are Americans? any better at driving? No!

  18. FreewayBrent says:

    @LorenzoMoore1000: And thank you for watching. I will be releasing an edited version of this video in? the coming months. To get an idea of what it may look like, see the featured video on my homepage (US 101 thru Hollywood).

  19. LorenzoMoore1000 says:

    I must say This is truly? an amazing road in western canada. Thie views of the mouintains are breathtaking. Thanks for posting.

  20. FreewayBrent says:

    @dherrera96: Wow, you left me scratching my head on that fact. I honestly would have never known that, had you not mentioned it on here. Thanks for interesting trivia? about MacGyver!

  21. dherrera96 says:

    The TV? series “MacGyver” was shot in BC for a four-year period from 1987-1991. An episode from Season 3 entitled “The Widowmaker” was shot in and around Squamish.