Barging: The New Way to Cruise, Luxuriously

Canal barges provide an intimate, leisurely cruise in contrast to the ocean-going variety and are a great way to explore an area of Europe without worrying about a car, bus or plane. Many come with the latest technology and comfortable amenities that make them perfect for a week of relaxation.

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce: The Real Reason TomKat Settled So Quickly

It looks like the real reason Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes settled their divorce so quickly was their daughter Suri Cruise. The argument made by Katie’s lawyer’s was that Suri Cruise would suffer irreparable damage as the result of a long drawn-out court battle. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez put breakup rumors to rest with some time out in public showing off for the camera. And Adele is due to give birth in just under two months! For all the full stories read
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4 Responses to “Barging: The New Way to Cruise, Luxuriously”

  1. ivan12541 says:

    adele would be able to hide her pregnancy she’s big as a? while

  2. onstageagain says:

    Justin B’s 911 call made AFTER being pulled over for speeding ! Out & out dummy. He couldn’t read the street sign “ALVACADO”or the 2nd street? sign,the FOOL can’t read. What kind of car R-U driving? He repeated it 3 times as if the opperator would know what a Sprinter is! Exactly the car a 18-year-old with to much $ would drive. 3,hi-def TVs,computer dock, operational recording studio on passenger side. Missing is a button that spews out a oil slick, Spy Hunter–style, to foil paparazzi.

  3. onstageagain says:

    Oh Please… My husband was into Scientology… consumed our lives. Till I refused to bring our unborn daughter into it. I? was called into the office of the org in Miami, a Scitenology Chaplin said , Im here as a witness , your husband has something to say. Which was, I want a divorce ” This cult is exactly that. Brainwashed puppets that suck you for money…

  4. Sun4Niebieskieoczy says:

    Boy, did the poor Katie learn her lesson of how to find a good decent man, sorry? for her