Bannister Landy Miracle Mile 1954

Bannister Landy Miracle Mile 1954

On 6th May 1954, Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4-minute mile at Iffley Road, Oxford. He held his world record for just six weeks before his great rival, John Landy of Australia, broke it by more than a second with a time of 3:58.0. The stage was now set for a dramatic showdown between the two runners in the final of the One Mile at the Empire Games in Vancouver on 7th August 1954. This race proved to be probably the most exciting mile race ever run and is still known as the “Miracle Mile”. A statue stands in Vancouver to commemorate its moment of highest drama, when John Landy looked back over his left shoulder just as Roger Bannister passed him on his right. Of that instant John Landy said, “When Lots wife looked back she was turned into a pillar of salt. When I looked back I was turned into a pillar of bronze!”. If you wish to see the pillar of bronze, see
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Steel Panther performs the White Snake cover Here I go again at the Commodore Ball room in Vancouver BC on March 9th or 10th 2011.

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  1. Jimmy James says:

    probably? 3:30…

  2. MrTrackman100 says:

    But why look to? his LEFT?? No one can pass him on his left since he OWNS lane 1. OK? Even the announcer says, “Landry looked the wrong way.”

  3. filmdirector20 says:

    I don’t think he? expected Bannister to be so close

  4. filmdirector20 says:

    I like how a doctor is winning a major sporting event. Kinda like? a Dr. Bolt

  5. sweetangelz1989 says:

    went to make a sandwich b4 the race, but they finished before i got? back =/

  6. Korby says:

    Great race. Both competitors classy and humble.? The world could use more of that today.

  7. Craig Brainimpact says:

    wow Bannister sounded so? sick I hear a weazy chest infection

  8. Craig Brainimpact says:

    athletes were real Gentleman back then look how humble in victory they was and how complimentary of their opponents in defeat.
    with how much technology and sports science as moved if these guys were living a modern athletes lifestyle and racing today they? would no doubt be up their around WR times

  9. 2shotslol says:


  10. TraumaER says:


  11. Euan Fox says:

    Love seeing a runner almost collapse with exhaustion! Not a runner myself, but I would love to see a runner push themselves so hard they can’t stand after the race; that? would give an amazing time!

  12. MrTrackman100 says:

    Why would Landry look to his LEFT? He already was in lane 1 and no one could pass on his? left. Did it cost him the race? Foolish mistake!

  13. Zachary Gilliom says:

    It’s crazy? how now-a-days when runners finish they just trot along the track, in this race bannister collapses across the line

  14. EinSofQuester says:

    I ran a 3:36 when i was 21 but could never duplicate that feat ever? again.

  15. TehUltimateSnake says:

    my 9 year old brother ran a 4 minute mile. tru story bruh?

  16. quadbravo says:

    such class back then.?

  17. xcbeasta1 says:

    thats? pretty fast

  18. Pwned9001 says:

    My friends brother? ran a 4:40 in 9th grade

  19. matxjos says:

    Just? finished the perfect mile which led me here. Really awesome this is. I just wish santee was there with them. Would have been great then. The 3 go down in history as one of the greatest battling trios ever.

  20. AnimationGenius says:

    I need to learn how to finish a race? like Bannister… he had absolutely no juice left when he crossed the line! That’s called getting your moneys worth… I gotta learn how to do that the next race, it must take serious balls to ignore his body and use up the last drop!

  21. linglingjr says:

    wow that is really cool to hear their voices and how they sounded?

  22. briansacks says:

    I quite agree

  23. regularguy316 says:

    Well bro, I’m going to see Steel Panther tonight here in Los Angeles. And I can assure you, my hair is almost down to my butt (I’m a? guy)….. no one without long hair can call themsevles a rocker.. NEVER!! ;o)

  24. asevstudios says:

    Well duh steelpanther had 30 years to practise this song? O.o

  25. XxDecimatexX says:

    whitesnake disliked this? video because it is better then there version!

  26. FlapSkate says:

    do u have? long hair

  27. langenn says:

    No way dude ;D but yeah they? sure are doin covers very good

  28. UnknownDreams118 says:

    great? crowd 😀

  29. MrPoliy says:

    because this? isnt 1985…

  30. MegaHeadrush says:

    Vancougar lmfaoo!?

  31. Ace22022 says:

    I have? his solo on my channel twice.

  32. LynchFan471 says:

    why didnt u? film, satchel`s solo?

  33. miserkocho says:

    stix gives balls to that chorus,lexie makes the girls wet,satchel makes every1 laugh and michael, always fishin for? boobies, kills the vocals everytime.what a monster band…

  34. Joey Couturier says:


  35. adamtheboyfromdenmar says:

    Why is there no one in the growd who has long hair? Its one of the? most importent things in rock n roll spirit!!!

  36. 0xlAFSftwlx0 says:


  37. TheCharley666 says:

    love it? x