Ballast Grader Waterfront Vancouver BC

A few nice Vancouver BC images I found:

Ballast Grader Waterfront Vancouver BC
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
Track renewal at Waterfront Station

Translink 2160 Vancouver BC 2007_0614
Vancouver BC
Image by Stephen Rees
New but already partly "wrapped"

5 Responses to “Ballast Grader Waterfront Vancouver BC”

  1. MMR Dad says:

    151st view!

  2. one42chrisp says:

    Do you know if they have worked out the bugs in them yet? They are supposed to lend some to Edmonton Transit so we can test them out here, but Translink won’t send them until they have them working properly!

  3. Stephen Rees says:

    They appear to have overcome the stalling in the dead spots issue and the lock up of the power assisted steering. They are back on the road as you can see in quite large numbers now, and from casual observation of the new Marpole yard appear to have quite a turn of speed under battery power.

    I imagine you will have to wait until UBC classes and exams end for the summer before they can afford to let them go. But maybe someone on Vancouver Transit knows more than I do.

  4. one42chrisp says:

    It’s good to know they have them running now! I had the impression that we would have them for about a year, in order to try them out in all conditions, but I’m often wrong on such things! I don’t seem to get the memos!!

  5. one42chrisp says:

    We have one of your trolley buses! See etbmike101’s photo here.