AX3: Exclusive Interview with Mi Hee Hwang

Hwang Mi Hee had came to Vancouver BC earlier to model at DTP Autoshow. We had a chance to sit down a chat with her! Background Music: With U – Big Bang Filmed by: Christian Lai Edited by: Johanne Chow Want more? Check us out at these outlets! Website: Facebook Twitter: Weibo: Powered by AX3 Multimedia
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AngelikaTTU (Grouse Mountain- The Peak of Vancouver, BC)

Grizzly Bears were cute 🙂
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18 Responses to “AX3: Exclusive Interview with Mi Hee Hwang”

  1. boimblue says:

    shut up

  2. penloon says:

    thank you

  3. LaGantoise says:

    Very pretty lady who knows? her cars ^^

  4. huong do thi lien says:

    so cute?

  5. zacariaszach1 says:


  6. Anthyto says:

    Que se quede cayadita? mejor……

  7. xoxandre says:

    es como? un mono animao esta mina

  8. jotasoldier says:

    then u weak up =)?

  9. thanh4019 says:

    2:25 có ai ch?u n?i không? quá cute

  10. roxasthesouleater13 says:

    Lol everyone? loves Rain

  11. gyangsc says:

    i love Hwang mi hee?

  12. cherzenhyuwe123 says:

    she doesnt? look 30 yrs old she looks 19 or 20 🙂

  13. Ildorion09 says:

    2:14? for awsome cleavage

  14. 360Pandaman says:

    TT.TT? Totally,

  15. 360Pandaman says:

    Dream Girl!?

  16. ninjabob9100 says:

    she friended me on Face book for no? reason…

  17. ninjabob9100 says:

    she friended me on facebook for? no reason…

  18. ninjabob9100 says:

    she friended me? on facebook for no reason…