AX3: Exclusive Interview with Jayesslee

The popular YouTube artist by the name of Jayesslee flew all the way from Australia to perform at a sold-out Fall In Love Concert in Vancouver’s Croatian Cultural Centre. During their stay in the lovely city, the twins found some time in their busy schedules to sit down with the AX3 team as we interviewed the beautiful and talented girls. Source: Comment below about your favourite moment of the Jayesslee concert in Vancouver! Jayesslee AX3 Multimedia http Credits: Executive Producer: Justin Lee Producer: Alan Ng Director: Evelyn Wong Editor: Norman Tam Camera Operators: Ellick Lee and Johanne Chow Interview Host: Matthew Tse

7 Responses to “AX3: Exclusive Interview with Jayesslee”

  1. glayenchua says:

    hi i just? love Janice…

  2. tarynthecrumble says:

    heyy!! the interviewer? was the guy in the “Jayesslee in Vancouver” video! (he asked them if he they could move out the way to take a picture) 😀

  3. MrJuliusfrancis says:

    I just love Janice…<3?

  4. jessicaecuatoriana says:

    yep and she leads worship? at my church sometimes 🙂

  5. dorothy148 says:

    Isn’t? Brooke Fraser a New Zealander? Or still an australian artist because she developed her music career in Aus?

  6. piggyyyyy says:

    i love jayesslee this is an awesome interview.
    please? come to vancouver again!!!

  7. shunlee123 says:

    The? Concert was so good!!!