August 07th 2012 Vancouver BC, Canada

Wow. XD

Every Monday amateur skateboarders submit their ten best tricks for a chance to play Shredit Cards and win up to 0 in credit at the Skatepark of Tampa online skate shop. To submit your footage to Shredit Cards submit link(s) of your 10 best tricks to and we will contact you if you qualify. This Week’s Player: Mickenzie Keller Age: 18 years Old Hometown: Vancouver, Canada, British Colombia Sponsors: Converse (flow) & Life Extension Skateboards (flow) Subscribe to Ride: instagram @ridechannel

14 Responses to “August 07th 2012 Vancouver BC, Canada”

  1. BOLTSskate says:

    ANyone know where? tht 18 stair is?

  2. mtseabee1987 says:

    I guess B/S crooks don’t exist it’s a backside nose grind. So you have two choices either a front nose blunt or a nose grind no in between hahahahha I love reading these? comments cuz there so stupid.

  3. bryanflo4500 says:

    I mean, look at it, you kind of swerve into it. Why? do you say there isn’t?

  4. PinkappleworM says:

    i didn’t make up? the rules…

  5. danm17 says:

    this is the dumbest argument in the world. I don’t give a goddamn if all your nosegrinds a “crooked”. I guess to ME crooked grinds and nosegrinds are different. both in look and technique. btw I do suskis on accident all the time trying to do a 5-0s.? I still call it a 5-0.

  6. 303skates2 says:

    front overcooks dont? exist

  7. midgetskater22 says:


  8. Shiggity1231321 says:

    gnar factor was involved, tech you can just try for a really long time and? not hurt yourself

  9. Shiggity1231321 says:

    you’re just bummed because? it’s a nosegrind

  10. Shiggity1231321 says:


  11. Shiggity1231321 says:

    Yea? Mickenzie killing it!!! and its nosegrind pussies learn your skate tricks

  12. beckfordSkateLife says:

    your an idiot no one does adead on nosegrind it has to be tweaked to lock? in the rail fs overcrooks are just called nosegrinds dude

  13. MikeeyD01 says:


  14. chrisunderscorealton says:

    are all the comments people whinging about trick names? serious, give this guy some appreciation? and quit your complaining!