The vlog in which we film a video with none other than the Asian Dude himself, Chengman. And the very lovely Dannie Riel. Comment, Like, SUBSCRIBE! MAIN CHANNEL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Others in this Vlog:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “ASIAN CHICK LOVES BEARDS (BC Vlog 7)”

  1. Puneetasouras says:


  2. C0LomI3eanr says:

    the chengman was acting pretty? awkward……………

  3. Harjit Inder Kaur says:

    U re just looking in the mirror….when u say ‘dat’…
    act like ‘not dumbell’ if u can !!

    ok? !!
    grow UP!!

  4. Fckyeahsaskialoveart says:

    3:08 very nice? haha

  5. Fckyeahsaskialoveart says:

    Your dumb get over yourself?

  6. brianrobledo1 says:

    ….Yup I’m? growing one

  7. rayshinn1 says:

    does anyone know if he uploaded the video he was shooting with chengman already??

  8. hanifanifa says:

    4:23? Jus Reign says ‘masha’Allah’ lool awesome.

  9. cutefishyz says:

    Keep pressing 4 and see? the magic happen

  10. Harjit Inder Kaur says:

    Asian chicks will take ure money, wallet and stuff ‘gaund me danda’ at the right time…that you won’t know as a immature juvenile…just know only how to act like a child-ass-hole !
    Once u get electronics in ure hands u wanna look cool,? and modern and western…and cool .yeh COOL, like a frozen ASS!

  11. Sportsman134 says:

    scott? road lmao

  12. jangizi7 says:

    Whenever I see a man with a long beard its just so tempting to run up to him and? touch it!

  13. dalraj mahil says:

    mesha toor i know her? i also no mannu didi âlso known as mannu sandhu

  14. prettypreety5 says:


  15. ellurfellur18 says:

    dannie riel? ! <3 so cute

  16. animal2luvr says:

    I LOVE YOU!!! my friend Aikam totally? looks like you! We love you! And we live and love Surrey!! <3 TSHHH GAY COMMENT 😛

  17. Laserssss says:

    when? is the video coming out?