Arrow – Kathryn Calder (Official Video)

The official video for “Arrow” from Kathryn Calder’s “Are you my Mother?”. http Directed by: Jon Busby Produced by: Jesse Davidge and Marc Demers Produced at Blatant Studios, Vancouver BC © 2010 Kathryn Calder. All Rights Reserved.

Nardwuar interviews Charlie Murphy in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “Arrow – Kathryn Calder (Official Video)”

  1. DeemoMato says:

    This sounds like it would be in the Hunger Games….if only?

  2. Hustlerae says:

    this song right here is the? best.

  3. KeepCalmHaveCupcakes says:

    This song reminds me? of a roleplay I’m in… So pretty.

  4. animaljam155 says:

    I felt? she was she was lot and ya that’s why I was crying from the middle to the end

  5. animaljam155 says:

    That made me cry?

  6. gobfather1 says:

    reminds me of Simon and Garfukel

  7. SABERKBRAVO says:

    does anyone have know a link to a vid or blog with Kathryn discussing the lyrics/meaning of this awesome song????

  8. Dimorus666 says:


  9. armanarmadillo says:

    *insert arrow in knee? joke here*

  10. DragonGyrl96 says:

    surviving something like that is? always better when you have your companion bunny with you.

  11. bgvracar says:

    This song is a small? masterpiece.

  12. labernese says:

    Looking forward to the new release ‘Bright And Vivid’ and? the show at the Lucky Bar in Victoria next month

  13. labernese says:

    Saw Kathryn and her band at The Garage in Duncan , this song stood out , as did ‘If You? Only Knew’
    Gotta hand it to her guitar player that night, very versatile

  14. moonwaterflower says:

    We all go through rough times but we make? out okay in the end.

  15. benstaaaaful says:

    He said? bonus two doots lmao

  16. 43Blaz says:


  17. caroblast says:

    Lookin like Juicy? J.

  18. EgteTetik says:

    omg bonus doot doot?

  19. eyadmadani says:

    the boondocks? 4 .. can’t wait

  20. MauriceF713 says:


  21. maquon says:

    This is the first time Ive liked something that Nardwuar? wore. I would rock that jacket!

  22. kapr3cious says:

    This one? got two doot doots

  23. 85Luck says:

    i love his voice!!!? lol

  24. JQNB808 says:

    OOH SHIIT NARDWUAR MOVED AT THE END… i thought he froze? upntil they wheeled him to the next interview lol

  25. LJ210ful says:

    Dave: 1

    Bull:? 0

  26. bl0wintrees says:

    You know what you did to me was wrong! Since you mentioned it…I think I’m? bleeding inside my chest.

  27. givebirth01 says:

    I was talking about hamsters and Sammy? Davis Jr. at supper tonight.

  28. Dalleman86 says:

    is there a? nardwuar DVD with a compilation of all his interviews?

  29. LubedUpDesklamp says:

    Cocaine? is a helluva drug

  30. swanginfleet says:

    Lmao Dave knocked? out a bull

  31. rohannesburg says:

    I’d Charlie Murphy is alot? more hilarious than Eddie Murphy, especially if they were to have stand up in current times. But Eddie back in the day was comical as