Anime Evolution 2010 – #14 Naruto Dance

!!!THE WINNERS!!! Video Entry 14, cosplay skit of Naruto performed at Anime Evolution 2010. For more awesome dancing, check out their Youtube site:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Anime Evolution 2010 – #14 Naruto Dance”

  1. Tameori says:

    Thanks? – Naruto

  2. SanctuaryofSoulsLost says:

    my? life is complete… XDDDDDD

  3. chgirl92 says:

    whoa dat? sasuke!

  4. ulrinchainchy says:


  5. Shay Thomas says:

    going on facebook to get more likes :P?

  6. cerealkillerrxD says:


  7. capri951 says:

    sorry, my bad…it’s afternoon of? konoha

  8. capri951 says:

    it’s naruto’s theme,? MORNING….probably…just try and find that

  9. animelover20201 says:

    lol omgthis was so funny? and good everything was perfect and on time 😀
    i love when sasuke came i give them a 5/5 ^^

  10. nzparamorelover says:

    Whats? the first song been looking for it for a long time

  11. jasmine hampton says:

    naruto through out his back at the end? XD

  12. Stefanne Carla says:

    what this music in? 3:45?

  13. oolady61oo says:


  14. Whatashino says:

    Amazing!!!!!!!? i love it!!!

  15. TiaTerrorr says:

    Hell? yes. This was great. (:

  16. LOVEBABY138 says:

    okeyy…. 5:17 is? too gay…

  17. rakusu says:

    Geez Kaamen you had the good seats. Kari and I were way up in? the bleachers and had a nice 3/4 view.

  18. cattycorner4 says:

    Kakashi!!!? 😀

  19. fatashpro09 says:


  20. Tafaranishia says:

    they hug
    Sasuke: Ohgawd, get offa me <3
    Naruto: Sorry? mann, but i love ya ^=^

  21. mewmewelizabeth says:

    Naruto: Behind? the Scences!

  22. TwisterGirl999 says:

    Sense when is Naruto, Justin? Bieber? :l